George Bayer's Works
The Collected Works of George Bayer
The Collected Works of George Bayer
Complete Works Of George Bayer. 2 Vols. Vol 1. - George Wollsten: Expert Stock and Grain Trader - Turning 400 Years of Astrology to Practical Use Vol 2 - The Egg Of Columbus - Traders' Hand-Book of Trend Determination - "Money" or Time Factors In The Market - A Course In Astrology - Bible Interpretation - Preview of Markets - Gold Nuggets For Traders.
Catalin Plapcianu
View our Catalin Plapcianu pages
View our Catalin Plapcianu pages
Plapcianu followed Baumring's lead into the core of Gann's Cosmological System, cracking Gann's Squaring of Price and Time. He quantifies Gann's innermost system demonstrating how markets move in multi-dimensional Space & Time, including new and sophisticated trading algorithms which generate 4000% annualized returns.
Saint-Yves D'Alveydre
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View our Saint-Yves D'Alveydre pages
THE ARCHEOMETER: Key To All The Religions and Sciences of Antiquity; Synthetic Reformation of All Contemporary Arts. The Archeometer was used by the Ancients for the esoteric Canon of ancient Art and Science in its various architectural, musical and scientific forms. A respected elaboration of a Universal System by a great 19th century esotericist.
Modern astronomy is a pale derivative of the true "logic of the cosmos", Astrology, the science of all-pervasive relationships between cosmos and man. Early proponents of "astronomy" were ALL students of the Astrological arts, from Ptolemy, to Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Tyco Brahe, and Newton.
Hans Kayser
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View our Hans Kayser pages
Kayser was a leading 20th century scientist who made a profound mathematical, geometric and philosophical study of Harmonic Science. Available in English though our Translation Society, Kayser's works explore deep principles of Pythagorean Harmony and Order. His books give critical insights into Gann Theory and The Law of Vibration.
Science of Vibration
Science of Vibration
Science of Vibration
W. D. Gann coined this term as a basis of his system of market forecasting. It explores theories of aether physics, vortex systems, and universal order as considered in the late 1800’s, incorporated with valuable elements taken from esoteric cosmology. The theory posits that vibration underlies all phenomena, and that harmonic factors govern universal forces.
In ancient times science and philosophy were interwoven, such as in the ideas of Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, the Alchemists. Philosophy is at the root of human knowledge, and we specialise in systems of thought and ideology, particularly concentrated upon alternative and classical works.
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The Sacred Science Translation Society began in 2004 as a project to translate a collection of the most important and rare works on Cosmology & Esoteric Science into English. Through Angel DonorsSubscribtion Contributions we raised over $40,000 to translate famous foreign masterpieces from French & German on critical subjects in Harmonics, Geometry, Esoteric Mathematics, & Ancient Cosmology.
Hans Kayser was one of the 20th century's leading scientists who made a profound mathematical, geometric and philosophical study of the Science of Harmonics. Now finally avaible in English though our Translation Society, Kayser's series of works explore the deepest principles of Pythagorean Harmony & Order.  His profound research reveals critical insights into Gann Theory & The Law of Vibration.
Our second translation is a French masterpiece on the establishment of a "Golden Rule" according to the principles of Tantrism, Taoism, Pythagoreanism, & the Kabala, serving to fulfill the Laws of Universal Harmony & contributing to the accomplishment of the Great Work. It develops a system of correspondences between the symbolic, geometrical, mathematical & astronomical systems of architecture of the ancient world.
The Law Of The Cosmos: The Divine Harmony According To Plato's Republic/Timeaus. The Platonic Riddle Of Numbers Solved contains hundreds of the most sophisticated diagrams on Sacred Geometry, Pythagorean & Platonic Number Theory, Harmonics & Astronomy with analysis & elaboration of Universal Order & Cosmic Law. Herman Hesse called him a Magisterludi of the Glass Bead Game.
THE ARCHEOMETER: Key To All The Religions & Sciences of Antiquity, Synthetic Reformation of All Contemporary Arts. The Archeometer is the instrument used by the Ancients for the formation of the esoteric Canon of ancient Art and Science in its various architectural, musical, scientific forms. A highly respected elaborations of the Universal System, by one of the great esotericists of the 19th century.
W.D. Gann Works
W.D. Gann Works
W.D. Gann Works
We stock the complete collection of the works of W.D. Gann. His private courses represent the most important of his writings, going into much greater detail than the public book series. Our 6 Volume set of Gann's Collected Writings includes supplementary rare source materials, and is the most reliable compliation of Gann's unadulterated vital work.
Dr. Jerome Baumring
Dr. Jerome Baumring
Dr. Jerome Baumring
The work of Dr. Baumring is the core inspiration upon which this entire website is based. Baumring is the only known modern person to have cracked the code behind WD Gann’s system of trading and market order. Baumring found and elaborated the system of scientific cosmology at the root of Gann’s Law of Vibration. There is no other Gann teaching that gets close to the depth of Baumring’s work.
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Cosmological Economics
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Publication Date: 1987
Reprint Date: 2007
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This is the sixth of 9 sets of Lecture Notes from Dr. Baumring's Seminar Series. Each set of Notes accompanies one of 9 Course Manuals, so be sure to purchase the Gann 6 Course Manual with this set of Notes or you will be missing half of the puzzle.

These notes present a detailed record of Br. Baumring's teachings, theories, diagrams & market applications as presented in his seminar series, Gann Harmony: The Law of Vibration, on advanced Gann analysis and forecasting.

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  • Financial Astrology - Numerical Astrophysics
  • Concept of Mass
  • Einstein: E=Mc2; Mass = Energy
  • Centripetal & Centrifugal Forces
  • Galactic Centre Is Not Where Everyone Thinks It Is
  • "Apocalypse of the Golden Mean"
  • Mounds of the World As Time Markers
  • Pyramids & Churches & their Alignment With Galactic Center
  • Bayer's Equinox Points Different Than What You Think
  • Mitchel "Stellar Worlds"
  • March '84 Soybeans
  • Hambidge's "Dynamic Symmetry"
  • Complementary Rectangles
  • Analyzing Areas Using Reciprocal
  • Everything Mathematical Points Of Force
  • Relation of Length & Area
  • Time Is Measuring Stick
  • Yin & Yang
  • Gann's Lost Motion
  • When Price Doesn't Apply to the Square of Nine
  • Geometric Transformations of the Square of Nine
  • Manly Hall
  • Min. - Max. Area Under Curve
  • 3 Points on a Curve
  • Inner & Outer Circle
  • Cardinal & Equinox Points
  • Davidson's Great Pyramid
  • Solar Declination & Gann Angles
  • Gann's Top & Bottoming Formations
  • Lower & Higher Orders Always Existing Ad Infinitum
  • First & Second Order Recurring Phenomena
  • Distances of Repetition
  • Double Beats
  • Higher Revolutions
  • The More History The Better
  • Gann Lacked History So Went To Astrology
  • Comparing Like to Like
  • Addition Series
  • Time Only
  • History Repeats Itself
  • Comparing Vector Changes
  • Gann's Instructions for Comparison
  • Tandy Example
  • Computing Average Rate of Change In Cotton Market
  • 10, 7 & 2 Year Cycles
  • Astrological Readings
  • "Law of Cycles" & "Law of Periodicity"
  • "Law of Proportion"
  • Time Intervals
  • 7 Major Planets
  • Components of 60 Year Cycle
  • 120 Year Cycle
  • Unusual Aspects of Sepharial
  • Sepharial & Bayer's Major Insight
  • Tangents to 3 Bodies
  • Planetary Trigger Mechanisms
  • Jupiter Effect
  • Four Planet Model
  • Alcyone 29 Degrees Taurus
  • Order of Suns In The Creation of Ellipses
  • Johndro's Carrier Waves
  • Planetary Absorption & Reflection of Energy
  • Nelson's Planetary Effects On Weather
  • Sun as Transmitter
  • Jupiter The Great Reflector
  • Bayer's Planetary Distinctions
  • Geometric Planetary Configurations
  • Faster & Slower Planets
  • Gann & Tubbs: beds of Accumulation & Distribution
  • Silver
  • Polarity
  • Gann's Master Circle Chart for Eggs
  • Directing the Poles
  • Midpoints
  • Electromagnetic Flares Related to Planetary Synodic Periods
  • Fixed Zodiac
  • Interior Angle of Pentagon
  • Gann's Circles on His Spiral Charts
  • Relations of Ellipses & Circles
  • Inner & Outer Circles & Squares
  • Transformations of Area to Volume
  • Squaring the Circle & Doubling the Cube
  • 3/Root 2, Phi, Pi, i, All Extremely Important
  • Socrates
  • Root 2 Growth
  • Slicing a Conic
  • Point of Observer
  • John Wilson's Series Summed - A Locus of Points Describing a Certain Phenomena
  • Use of Bayer's Ellipse
  • Axis of Bayer's Polish Ellipse
  • Gann's Egg Chart
  • Zero Point & Triangulation
  • Accell - Decell Model
  • Whip Effect & Inertia
  • Rectifying the Horoscope
  • Use of Heliocentric & Geocentric Astrology
  • Jupiter, Saturn & Soybeans
  • Uranus' Opposite Rotary Motion & the Unexpected in the Markets
  • Nuclear magnetic Resonance - Electron Spin Theory
  • Effects of Uranus Couplings
  • Tectonic Plate Shifts
  • Sunspot Cycles, Jupiter Effect & Neptune
  • Synodic Pairs
  • Time & Configuration
  • Energy Shells
  • Damping Effects
  • Time Series Progression

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Astrology Manuscripts
The Earliest Financial Astrology Manuscripts. By W. D. Gann, Fred White, Prof. Weston, Sepharial, etc. This collection centers on a set of 4 rare manuscripts dated 1902-1930 proving the advanced level of astrology earlier than previously known. Their likely authorship is Fred White and Gann documenting the earliest thought in this field.
Applied Gann Theory
Applied Gann Theory
Applied Gann Theory
Supported by the cosmological theory behind Gann’s work, we also specialize in practical tools needed to analyze and trade the markets. This category will specifically focus upon the books and courses that provide very specific and applied tools from Gann’s toolbox used for real time trading.
George Bayer
George Bayer
George Bayer
Works by or about George Bayer, or source works referred to by Bayer or related to his work.
Market Timing
Market Timing
Market Timing
The two fundamental elements of reality are space and time, and of the markets price and time. Gann always said that Time is the most important variable. If you know exactly WHEN to place your trades, when the market will turn, top, bottom, react or breakout, you will be able to trade or invest with great precision.
The Square
THE SQUARE: Quantitative Analysis of Financial Price Structure - By Catalin Plapcianu
THE SQUARE: Quantitative Analysis of Financial Price Structure - By Catalin Plapcianu
The Square: Quantitative Analysis Of Financial Price Structure by Catalin Plapcianu develops the science behind Gann's Squaring of Price and Time. Proves that financial markets are mathematically controlled and predictable. A deep insight into Gann and Baumring's deepest system which tracks energy through the space/time matrix.
Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis involves using technical tools and mathematical measurements in order to determine expected directional movements, reverses or changes in the market. Advanced forms of this technique use mathematical and scientific or geometric tools to project market action or forecast future movement, looking at elements of price, time and trend.
We have many books on initiatory systems and the exploartion of human potential.
The highly spiritual Rosicrucian organization developed in the 17th century, with great figures like Robert Fludd and Francis Bacon. This society followed high ideals, joining magical & cosmological practices with geometric and Kabbalistic systems. Rosicrucians were known for preserving ancient wisdom along with works of healing and helping humanity.
Secret Societies
Secret Societies
Secret Societies
Private groups and organizations that specialized in particularly practices and studies within their groups. These can range from the Freemasons to the Rosicrucians, the Alchemists, Temple Initiates and more….
A fundamental principle of Cosmological Economics is the interconnection between galaxies, solar systems, stars, and planets, along with their interactive influences. For example, the rotation of our galaxy is responsible for temperature fluctuations on Earth as a result of cosmic ray variations as we rotate through the spiral arms.
Natural Philosophy
Natural Philosophy
Natural Philosophy
In the 1700-1800’s Natural Philosophers studied a wide range of scientific subjects, while not overly specializing in narrow and limited fields as scientists do today. WD Gann espoused this more holistic system of science, where the different branches were more easily integrated and the grand vision of the scientific system was more interlinked.
Number Theory
Number Theory
Number Theory
Esoteric and Pythagorean sciences love to play with the value and meaning of numbers, from the complex mathematical theories of the Platonists, via Fibonacci’s ideas, to number progressions, ratios, proportions, sequences, and chaos theory. We specialize in the overlap of numerical and esoteric systems positing a more integrated cosmology.
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