Ferrera Gann Analysis
The Mysteries of Gann Analysis Unveiled! - By Daniel T. Ferrera
The Mysteries of Gann Analysis Unveiled! - By Daniel T. Ferrera
Mysteries of Gann Analysis Unveiled! by Daniel T. Ferrera. Ferrera's Master Course on advanced Gann Analysis and forecasting covering Mass Pressure, geometric angles, planetary cycles, Permanent Charts, astrology, Squaring Price & Time, planetary vectors, Secrets of Gann Angles, mathematical grids, Solar Longitude and Square of 9.
Ferrera Gann Textbook
Daniel T. Ferrera's PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE: The Underlying Wisdom & Philosophy of W. D. Gann
Elegantly Encoded in the Master Charts
Daniel T. Ferrera's PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE: The Underlying Wisdom & Philosophy of W. D. Gann
Elegantly Encoded in the Master Charts
The Path of Least Resistance, The Underlying Wisdom & Philosophy of W. D. Gann Elegantly Encoded in the Master Charts, by Daniel T. Ferrera. A detailed comprehensive elaboration of W.D. Gann's most powerful trading tools. Gann's core mathematical and important geometrical techniques in his master calculators, angles and spiral charts.
Financial Astrology
Financial Astrology
Financial Astrology
There is a close correlation between Astrological Economics and Cosmological Economics. We have one of the largest collections of works on Financial Astrology (Astroeconomics) in the world. These studies are very important in developing wider theories of causation, and our catalog contains most works of value written on the subject.
Market History
Market History
Market History
The stock and commodity markets have a history stretching over millennia, from the Bible to the present day, furnishing data on sun spots, planetary changes, weather cycles, volcanoes, earthquakes, solar variances, and other influences on financial markets. Gann charted Wheat back to 65 BC and Baumring took this back to 1200 BC.
Hans Kayser
View our Hans Kayser pages
View our Hans Kayser pages
Hans Kayser was a leading 20th century scientist who made a deep mathematical, geometric and philosophical study of the Science of Harmonics. Available from our Translation Society, his books explore the deepest principles of Pythagorean Harmony and Order, giving critical insights into Gann Theory and The Law of Vibration.
Harmonics and Music
The science of harmonics is one of the most important subjects in the esoteric and scientific traditions, positing that harmonic relationships of vibration govern the structure of the universe. W.D. Gann called his system of market order the "Law of Vibration", and used principles of harmonics and vibration to predict trends in the financial markets.
Vortex Systems
Vortex Systems
Vortex Systems
The vortex, a key element of 19th century aether physics, was critical to W.D. Gann’s market science and was taken up by great thinkers like Walter Russell and Edwin Babbitt. Vortex and Toroidal energy theory provides a dynamic space-time model of energy fields from human and plants to planets, suns, solar systems, and galaxies.
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The Sacred Science Translation Society began in 2004 as a project to translate a collection of the most important and rare works on Cosmology & Esoteric Science into English. Through Angel DonorsSubscribtion Contributions we raised over $40,000 to translate famous foreign masterpieces from French & German on critical subjects in Harmonics, Geometry, Esoteric Mathematics, & Ancient Cosmology.
Hans Kayser was one of the 20th century's leading scientists who made a profound mathematical, geometric and philosophical study of the Science of Harmonics. Now finally avaible in English though our Translation Society, Kayser's series of works explore the deepest principles of Pythagorean Harmony & Order.  His profound research reveals critical insights into Gann Theory & The Law of Vibration.
Our second translation is a French masterpiece on the establishment of a "Golden Rule" according to the principles of Tantrism, Taoism, Pythagoreanism, & the Kabala, serving to fulfill the Laws of Universal Harmony & contributing to the accomplishment of the Great Work. It develops a system of correspondences between the symbolic, geometrical, mathematical & astronomical systems of architecture of the ancient world.
The Law Of The Cosmos: The Divine Harmony According To Plato's Republic/Timeaus. The Platonic Riddle Of Numbers Solved contains hundreds of the most sophisticated diagrams on Sacred Geometry, Pythagorean & Platonic Number Theory, Harmonics & Astronomy with analysis & elaboration of Universal Order & Cosmic Law. Herman Hesse called him a Magisterludi of the Glass Bead Game.
THE ARCHEOMETER: Key To All The Religions & Sciences of Antiquity, Synthetic Reformation of All Contemporary Arts. The Archeometer is the instrument used by the Ancients for the formation of the esoteric Canon of ancient Art and Science in its various architectural, musical, scientific forms. A highly respected elaborations of the Universal System, by one of the great esotericists of the 19th century.
W.D. Gann Works
W.D. Gann Works
W.D. Gann Works
We stock the complete collection of the works of W.D. Gann. His private courses represent the most important of his writings, going into much greater detail than the public book series. Our 6 Volume set of Gann's Collected Writings includes supplementary rare source materials, and is the most reliable compliation of Gann's unadulterated vital work.
Dr. Jerome Baumring
Dr. Jerome Baumring
Dr. Jerome Baumring
The work of Dr. Baumring is the core inspiration upon which this entire website is based. Baumring is the only known modern person to have cracked the code behind WD Gann’s system of trading and market order. Baumring found and elaborated the system of scientific cosmology at the root of Gann’s Law of Vibration. There is no other Gann teaching that gets close to the depth of Baumring’s work.
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Cosmological Economics
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Publication Date: 1987
Reprint Date: 2007
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These notes present a detailed record of Br. Baumring's teachings, theories, diagrams & market applications as presented in his seminar series, Gann Harmony: The Law of Vibration, on advanced Gann analysis and forecasting.

This is the fourth of 9 sets of Lecture Notes from Dr. Baumring's Seminar Series. Each set of Notes accompanies one of 9 Course Manuals, so be sure to purchase the Gann 4 Course Manual with this set of Notes or you will be missing half of the puzzle.

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  • Chart Applications of Principles
  • Swing Analysis
  • Gann Time Counts
  • Reactions
  • Tradable Time Periods
  • Median Lines
  • Composite Top
  • Causes of Reactions
  • T-Bonds
  • Trading vs. Calendar Days
  • Directional Movement
  • Where to Count Form
  • Vector Variations
  • Intervals
  • Symmetry on Z Plane
  • Andrews' ML Line
  • Vector Analysis
  • Electron Shells
  • Distortion In Commodities
  • Must Use All Charts At All Times
  • Gann's 1955 Work
  • Momentum Gaps
  • Proportional Measure
  • Bond Charts
  • Defining Interval Lengths
  • Roto-Centers
  • Measured Move
  • Acceleration Model
  • Maximum Linear & Parabolic Movement
  • Bonds
  • Determining Vector Changes
  • Sequences Repeating in Time
  • 60 Year Sections
  • Mirror Aspects
  • Rotation on 4 Axes
  • Transformation of Circle into Ellipse
  • Symmetry Is The Law
  • Dynamic Symmetry Above & Below
  • Gnomonic Growth
  • Sequential Morphology of Repeating Patterns
  • Sepharial
  • Theoretical Composite
  • Changes of Direction
  • 8 Year Interval
  • Cracking Cycles Through Intervals
  • Vectorial Force Change
  • 6, 8, 9, 12 Intervals
  • Perfect Harmonic Sequence
  • Gann's $ Value Chart 7 Stock Splits
  • Slanting Tops
  • Configurations - Patterns - Signatures
  • Cash Soybean Examples
  • Yearly, Monthly, Weekly & Daily Time Counts, How To Take Them
  • Gann's Great Time Cycle, 56 Years, 9 Months, 23 Days
  • Square of 144
  • Periodicity
  • Equilibrating Roto-Centers
  • Time Counterpoint
  • Z Plane & Gnomic Growth
  • Polarity Alteration
  • Radius Vectors
  • Chart Analysis
  • Force Over Time
  • Vectorial Multiples
  • Serial Progression
  • Wheels Within Wheels
  • Fundamental Units
  • S & P, How Much Data Needed To Find Periodicity
  • Node of Node
  • Where To Begin Measurements
  • Wave: Unit of Force Per Day
  • Long Waves vs. Impulse Waves
  • Accumulation
  • Pressure
  • Velocity & Acceleration
  • Impulse - Reaction
  • Vibration
  • Proportions
  • Chords
  • Super Cycles
  • Waves Not always Sinusodal
  • Wave Mutation & Planetary Connections
  • Law of Periodicity
  • Divisions of Master Components
  • Symmetry Vectors
  • Pivotal Points
  • Matching Acceleration & Deceleration
  • Damping
  • Carrier Waves
  • Beats
  • Minimum & Maximum Time Counts
  • Center Of Gravity
  • Calculus
  • Dead Lows
  • Squaring Lowest Price
  • Numerological Significance
  • Definitions of Time Lengths
  • 90 Degrees in Time
  • Finding Waves on Monthly Chart
  • "Supply" Bull Market: Inverted Market
  • Straddles & Spreads
  • Astrological Cycles In Market
  • Planetary Transits & Trigger Mechanisms
  • Eclipse Points
  • Popular Misconceptions of Moon Cycles
  • Time Swings & Price Swings
  • Gann's "Reactions Against The Trend"
  • Wave Phasing
  • Parabolic Arc
  • Logarithmic Spiral
  • Major & Minor Axis of Ellipse
  • Resultant Vectors
  • Momentum vs. Price Top
  • Bayer's Egg of Columbus
  • Floor & Ceiling
  • Defining Mass Pressure
  • Playing Off Old Highs & Lows
  • Multiple Views of One Reality
  • Time Markers
  • Rate of Change
  • T-Bond Examples
  • 3 Orders of Swings
  • Angle of Attack
  • Market Moves Down Faster Than Up
  • Strategy, Book of 5 Rings
  • Swing Theory: Gann, Cole & Tubbs
  • Deviant Vectors
  • Gann: Time More Important Than Price
  • Pattern Recognition - Universal Ordering Process
  • Look Hard At Macro Before Micro
  • Bisection In Time
  • Tangents To Curve
  • Area Under the Curve
  • Directional Growth on Square of Nine
  • Growth on Rotational Axis
  • Bohr Model Quantum Mechanics
  • Fibonacci Growth Factors
  • Growth Controllers
  • Plane of Cleavage
  • Vanishing Point
  • Radial Axis
  • Seeing Picture Over Crunching Numbers
  • Clockwise & Counterclockwise Rotation
  • Tetrahedron Is Cube
  • Inscribed & Circumscribed Squares & Circles
  • 3 Rings of Gann's Square of Nine
  • Unfolded Pyramid
  • Root Ratios as Generators of Growth
  • Fixed & Cardinal Crosses as Axes of Galactic Rotation
  • Uranus
  • Pluto Calculations
  • Johndro
  • Jupiter Major Mass of Solar System
  • Alcyone, Nearest Large Sun
  • Solar System is Sphere
  • Markets Grow 3-Dimensionally
  • Square of Nine a Solar Return Chart
  • Polar vs. Cartesian Coordinates
  • "Building on the Square"
  • Growth Vortex: Electric (Kinetic) & Magnetic (Potential) Energy Interchanging

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Dewey's Cycle Analysis
How To Make a Cycle Analysis - By Edward Dewey
How To Make a Cycle Analysis - By Edward Dewey
How to Make a Cycle Analysis. By Edward R. Dewey. Written in 1955 as a correspondence course, this how-to manual provides step-by-step instructions on all elements of cycle analysis, including how to identify, measure, isolate and evaluate cycles. The most detailed cycle course ever written, by the founder of the Foundation For The Study of Cycles.
Sepharial's Articles
Sepharial’s Kaleidoscope - Articles from British Journal of Astrology
Sepharial’s Kaleidoscope - Articles from British Journal of Astrology
Sepharial's Kaleidoscope. A Monthly Column from the British Astrology Journal. Walter Gorn Old, 1111 pages. This was a centerpiece of the British Journal of Astrology, 6 pages of each 16 page issue. Sepharial wrote the column for 22 years, and it represents the bulk of Sepharial's work including some of his best and most revealing writings.
Law of Vibration
The Law of Vibration Series - By Dr. Lorrie Bennett
The Law of Vibration Series - By Dr. Lorrie Bennett
The Law of Vibration 4 Volume Series by Dr. Lorrie Bennett on Gann analysis explains the scientific foundations behind W.D. Gann's forecasting system, the Law of Vibration. Dr. Bennett is the first person since Dr. Baumring to solve much of the puzzle left behind by Gann! V1-Patterns, V2-Numbers, V3-Planets, V4-Geometry.
Trading Selene’s Chariot
Selene’s Chariot
Selene’s Chariot
Sean Erikson, a professional trader and fund manager, presents a set of highly refined tools for advanced swing trading based upon principles of celestial mechanics and ancient geometry. Developed and refined over 3 decades of research, trading and professional management, his astro-trading tools represent the culmination of a lifetime quest.
Hasbrouck Space and Time
Hasbrouck Space/Time
Hasbrouck Space/Time
With rare research from the 1920’s through the 1970’s, the Hasbrouck Space-Time Archives studied market influence based on Solar Field Force. Muriel Hasbrouck, aided by her husband Louis, researched solar phenomena, space weather and earthquakes in relation to market forecasting, producing a well-received forecasting letter for 30 years.
Market Psychology
Market Psychology
Market Psychology
Books on the psychological element of the markets and trading. These works cover both how markets are influenced by the psychology of the individuals behind them, as well as the actual psychology behind trading for the trader.
Polarity Factor System
The Polarity Factor System - By Daniele Prandelli
The Polarity Factor System - By Daniele Prandelli
The Polarity Factor System, An Integrated Forecasting & Trading Strategy Inspired by W. D. Gann's Master Time Factor, by Daniele Prandelli conveys the strategy and tools that Prandelli uses to generate a consistent 10% a month trading. A proven system with Advanced Risk Management Rules & time turning points based on Gann's cycle theory.
Franz Bardon
Franz Bardon
Franz Bardon
Franz Bardon's magical works present a path of initiation through 3 levels of the Tarot. The first book teaches internal training, the second teaches the science of Magical Evocation, and the third teaches transcendental methods of the Kaballah. Frabato presents biographical informatioin about Bardon, with commentaries by friends and students.
The great ancient civilization of India is rich in traditions of wisdom and knowledge, focusing on mystical realms and development of human consciousness. India has given us awareness of the Chakras and Kundalini energy, as well as being the home of many great spiritual traditions. We also cover the mathematical and geometrical traditions of India.
We have many books on initiatory systems and the exploartion of human potential.
Zen and Chan are similar terms from Japanese and Chinese systems of Buddhism, but they originate from the Indian word Dhyana, loosely translated as "meditation". Zen is a mind science, giving direct access to the core layers of mind. The origin of Zen is in India, home of Buddhism. Allan Watt’s called it "Hinduism stripped for export".
L. David Linsky
View our L. David Linsky pages
View our L. David Linsky pages
A New Discovery of a Mathematical Pattern in the Gold Market which forecasts Gold's turns with an 85-95% accuracy over 40 years. Scientific Proof of a Cyclical Pattern in the Gold Market providinges a 100 Year Forecast of Gold's Major Tops & Bottoms and Bull & Bear Market Campaigns out to 2100.
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