Keys to Speculation
The Keys To Successful Speculation - By Daniel T. Ferrera
The Keys To Successful Speculation - By Daniel T. Ferrera
Keys to Successful Speculation by Daniel T. Ferrera is an applied technical trading system using the essentials of risk management with Gann based swing trading. This course has everything a trader needs to go from "0" to being a successful trader, including account management, risk management, trading strategy, entry & exit signals.
Market Timing Report
Andrew Pancholi's The Market Timing Report
Andrew Pancholi's The Market Timing Report
The Market Timing Report. Andrew Pancholi, Cycles Analysis. A monthly market timing letter provides an evaluation of the S&P500, the Dollar, Crude Oil and Gold. Each month shows what markets have critical cycles approaching or key turning points for the immediate future, highlighting important setups and timing points for traders.
Bible Interpretation
Bible Interpretation
Bible Interpretation
The Hebrew system of Gematria pervades the Bible concealing secondary teaching in a number code read only by initiates into this deeper system of knowledge. W.D. Gann and George Bayer were two individuals deeply immersed in this form of Biblical decoding, developing systems of mathematics, prediction and astrology out of their readings.
Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry explores natural order representing foundational templates of the cosmos, via special proportions like "phi", the Divine Proportion, ubiquitous throughout nature as a primary generating and ordering principle. Musical harmonic ratios dominate sacred geometry, showing how nature is a form of frozen music.
Calendar Systems
Calendar Systems
Calendar Systems
Most people never give thought to the idea of a calendar and how we organise the passage of time. The days of the weeks and months, and the number of months each year are important influences on our experience of reality. We present many works on the exploration and meaning of time vis numerous calendar systems.
4th Dimension
4th Dimension
4th Dimension
Much science from the 1800’s postulated a 4th Dimension, often considered to represent Time, in relationship to 3-Dimensional space. Gann himself posited the idea of space itself being a 4th dimension in the markets, which requires the Gann theorist to become familiar with complex and often metaphysical theories of extended dimensionality.
Harmonics and Music
The science of harmonics is one of the most important subjects in the esoteric and scientific traditions, positing that harmonic relationships of vibration govern the structure of the universe. W.D. Gann called his system of market order the "Law of Vibration", and used principles of harmonics and vibration to predict trends in the financial markets.
Pause Start Back Next Translation Society Titles Top Science Titles Top Metaphysics Titles Science Categories Metaphysics Categories Cosmological Economics Financial Astrology
The Sacred Science Translation Society began in 2004 as a project to translate a collection of the most important and rare works on Cosmology & Esoteric Science into English. Through Angel DonorsSubscribtion Contributions we raised over $40,000 to translate famous foreign masterpieces from French & German on critical subjects in Harmonics, Geometry, Esoteric Mathematics, & Ancient Cosmology.
Hans Kayser was one of the 20th century's leading scientists who made a profound mathematical, geometric and philosophical study of the Science of Harmonics. Now finally avaible in English though our Translation Society, Kayser's series of works explore the deepest principles of Pythagorean Harmony & Order.  His profound research reveals critical insights into Gann Theory & The Law of Vibration.
Our second translation is a French masterpiece on the establishment of a "Golden Rule" according to the principles of Tantrism, Taoism, Pythagoreanism, & the Kabala, serving to fulfill the Laws of Universal Harmony & contributing to the accomplishment of the Great Work. It develops a system of correspondences between the symbolic, geometrical, mathematical & astronomical systems of architecture of the ancient world.
The Law Of The Cosmos: The Divine Harmony According To Plato's Republic/Timeaus. The Platonic Riddle Of Numbers Solved contains hundreds of the most sophisticated diagrams on Sacred Geometry, Pythagorean & Platonic Number Theory, Harmonics & Astronomy with analysis & elaboration of Universal Order & Cosmic Law. Herman Hesse called him a Magisterludi of the Glass Bead Game.
THE ARCHEOMETER: Key To All The Religions & Sciences of Antiquity, Synthetic Reformation of All Contemporary Arts. The Archeometer is the instrument used by the Ancients for the formation of the esoteric Canon of ancient Art and Science in its various architectural, musical, scientific forms. A highly respected elaborations of the Universal System, by one of the great esotericists of the 19th century.
W.D. Gann Works
W.D. Gann Works
W.D. Gann Works
We stock the complete collection of the works of W.D. Gann. His private courses represent the most important of his writings, going into much greater detail than the public book series. Our 6 Volume set of Gann's Collected Writings includes supplementary rare source materials, and is the most reliable compliation of Gann's unadulterated vital work.
Dr. Jerome Baumring
Dr. Jerome Baumring
Dr. Jerome Baumring
The work of Dr. Baumring is the core inspiration upon which this entire website is based. Baumring is the only known modern person to have cracked the code behind WD Gann’s system of trading and market order. Baumring found and elaborated the system of scientific cosmology at the root of Gann’s Law of Vibration. There is no other Gann teaching that gets close to the depth of Baumring’s work.
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Publication Date: 1986
Reprint Date: 2007
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This is the third of 9 sets of Lecture Notes from Dr. Baumring's Seminar Series. Each set of Notes accompanies one of 9 Course Manuals, so be sure to purchase the Gann 3 Course Manual with this set of Notes or you will be missing half of the puzzle.

These notes present a detailed record of Br. Baumring's teachings, theories, diagrams & market applications as presented in his seminar series, Gann Harmony: The Law of Vibration, on advanced Gann analysis and forecasting.

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  • Different Growth Forms Have Different Forms of Symmetry Three Geometrical Forms Can Define All Growth
  • Angles Are Moving Averages
  • Price Variance
  • Component Production of Composite Waves
  • Progression
  • Identification of Cycles Using Yearly Charts
  • Gann Periods to Watch
  • Quadrants of Circle
  • Logarithmic Spirals
  • Gnomonic Growth
  • Concentric Circles
  • Triangles of Pascal
  • The Zero Point
  • Repeating Patterns
  • 60 Year Patterns
  • Periodicity
  • Ratios of Circle
  • Gann's Retracements
  • Motion of Vibrating String
  • Cardinal Cross
  • Number Set Progressions & Wave Theory
  • Symmetry & Natural Opposites
  • Time & Price Overbalancing
  • Plateau Areas & Periods
  • Component Waves & Gann's Cycles
  • Genetic Coding
  • Market Phases
  • Uranus & Saturn
  • Inner & Outer Planets
  • Planetary Electromagnetic Effects
  • Gann's Time Counts
  • Conjunctions & Oppositions
  • Sensitive Points In Time
  • Recurrence of Planetary Configurations
  • Short Term Cycles
  • Gann Wheels
  • Astrometeorology
  • Canons of Proportion
  • Impulse & Retracement
  • Cycle Length Ratios & Correspondence To Planetary Orbits
  • 5 Years Is Gann's Smallest Cycle
  • Gann's 60 Year Cycle
  • Gann's New Discovery, The Master Numbers & Their Use
  • The Master Time Factor
  • Cycles vs. Periodicity
  • Recurrent Behavior Patterns
  • Gann's 5, 7 & 10 year Cycles & Their Definitions
  • Astrolabe
  • Planetary Perturbation
  • Number Sets & Symmetry
  • Vector Symmetry
  • Vectorial Direction
  • Squaring Price & Time
  • Elliot Channel
  • Pentagons Formed By Triangles
  • Decahedron - Tetrahedron - Icosohedron
  • Trisection of An Angle
  • Mirror of DNA
  • Faces of Cube
  • Cardinal Cross vs. Fixed Cross
  • Pi
  • Axial Symmetry
  • Curvilinear Time
  • Squaring The Circle & Number Sets
  • Interweaving Lattices
  • Symmetry Nets
  • Growth Matrix
  • Growth Followed By Decomposition
  • Limitation of Martix
  • Beads of An Abacus
  • Gann's Calculators Are Curved Matricies
  • Lambdoma Sieves
  • Color - Number - Sound, Symbolic Representation
  • Number Sets
  • No Zero
  • Numeric Recuction
  • Soybeans Have 3-Fold Pentagonal Symmetry
  • Axial Symmetry
  • Rotational Symmetry
  • Boundaries of Symmetry
  • Pi Clouds
  • The Leaf
  • Where To Look for Symmetry
  • How To Find Planes Of Symmetry
  • What Comes Before & After
  • Simultaneously Seeing Part & Whole
  • Vectors
  • Pyramid = Tetrahedron
  • Gann's Time Cycles Composed of Triangles & Squares
  • Square of 52 A Pentagon
  • Kabalistic
  • 2-D vs. 3-D Representation
  • Dynamic vs. Static Symmetry
  • Pentagonal Growth as Basis of Circle
  • Fibonacci
  • Overbalancing of Time
  • Measuring Time Reactions
  • Differentiating Major & Minor Swings
  • 100 Years of Data Enough to Determine Building Blocks & Growth Patterns
  • Cycles Within Cycles
  • Vesica Piscis & Ellipse
  • Vectors
  • Seeing Depth In Charts
  • Internal Verticies of Polygons
  • Importance of Visualization
  • Time Slices
  • Shared Verticies
  • Rings Demarkate Time
  • Pentagon
  • Relation of Pi & Phi Through Pentagram
  • Pi & Phi Relationship Constant In Time
  • 10 year Cycle
  • Soybeans Pentagonal
  • Sign of Jonah
  • 3 Days & 3 Nights
  • Important Polygons
  • Cosmic Clock
  • Verticies Are Hinges
  • Gematria
  • Gann's Percentage Increase On Base
  • Serial Progression
  • Time & Shape Changes
  • Time Symmetry
  • Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, All Have 7 in Common
  • Pythagorean Harmonics & the Meaning of the 10 & 60 Year Cycles
  • Icosahedron
  • Change Static To Dynamic Symmetry
  • Time Models
  • Forces
  • Energy Shells
  • Perfect Numbers
  • Gann's Master Calculators
  • Planetary Order
  • Mercury from Sun: Pythagorean Monad
  • Movements Thru Platonic Solids
  • Hedrons
  • Einstein's Unified Field Theory
  • Swing Theory
  • Boat, Sofa & Chair Configurations of The Benzene Ring
  • T-Bonds
  • Building Blocks
  • Chart: A 2-Dimensional Representation of a 3 or 4 Dimensional Reality
  • Chemical Substances
  • Time Counts - Progressions - Proportions - Swings
  • Long Term Graphs
  • 12 Year Cycle
  • Common Numbers
  • Pivot Points
  • Geometry Matches Solar Order
  • Volume = Area Under Curve
  • Spatial Orientation
  • Lapaz Transformations
  • Polar Coordinates
  • Rotation
  • Equilibrium of Pendulum
  • Mazes & Mandalas
  • Double Square
  • Obvious Always Most Hidden
  • Radius Vectors
  • Crossings
  • How To Use The Master Calculator
  • Snapshot of Dynamic Motion
  • Numerology

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Bradley's Siderograph
Stock Market Prediction & Siderograph Charts - By Donald Bradley
Stock Market Prediction & Siderograph Charts - By Donald Bradley
Bradley's Stock Market Prediction. 100 Years of Siderograph Charts and Software. The Siderograph Indicator is a market model used by many analysts to give current turning points and trend indications for the markets. This book includes the original text and charts for 100 years from 1950 to 2050, along with the software to produce the charts.
Ferrera Gann Analysis
The Mysteries of Gann Analysis Unveiled! - By Daniel T. Ferrera
The Mysteries of Gann Analysis Unveiled! - By Daniel T. Ferrera
Mysteries of Gann Analysis Unveiled! by Daniel T. Ferrera. Ferrera's Master Course on advanced Gann Analysis and forecasting covering Mass Pressure, geometric angles, planetary cycles, Permanent Charts, astrology, Squaring Price & Time, planetary vectors, Secrets of Gann Angles, mathematical grids, Solar Longitude and Square of 9.
Golden Age
Golden Age
Golden Age
The Golden Age of Technical Analysis extended from 1910 through 1960, when the greatest analysts lived and developed foundational principles. Dr. Baumring selected the best works for his students, believing it best to study from the great masters. Books by masters of the past have as much value for students today as they did back in their own day.
Hasbrouck Archives
View our Hasbrouck Space-Time Forecasting pages
View our Hasbrouck Space-Time Forecasting pages
Cutting edge Space and Solar Researchers, Muriel and Louis Hasbrouck's Space & Time Forecasting techniques are STILL more advanced than those of NASA or the current scientific community. They produced 50 years of Market Forecasts with a 90% accuracy rate and forecasted Space Weather, Earthquakes and Geomagnetic Storms.
Market History
Market History
Market History
The stock and commodity markets have a history stretching over millennia, from the Bible to the present day, furnishing data on sun spots, planetary changes, weather cycles, volcanoes, earthquakes, solar variances, and other influences on financial markets. Gann charted Wheat back to 65 BC and Baumring took this back to 1200 BC.
Position Trading
Position trading is an approach recommended by both Gann and Baumring, saying that there were maybe only about 4 good trades per year in any market. Markets would go into congestions of accumulation or distribution for years awaiting a new trend, and meanwhile one trades other markets. Gann taught the same principles on his higher level, saying that MOST money was always made in following a strong trend.
Risk Management
Risk Management
Risk Management
Among professional traders, risk management is understood to be the absolutely most fundamental element leading to successful trading, because with proper risk management one can use randomly generated signals and still trade successfully. This is done by limiting one’s losses while letting one’s profits run.
Books exploring the human spirit, its state and development and relationship to higher planes and beings. General works on spirituality that are otherwise hard to categorize.
In Ancient times, art was more than a form of entertainment or decoration, being a means of preserving various forms and levels of knowledge, including scientific principles. A core element is called "The Canon", whereby through ratio, proportion, shape and symbolism, an entire system of universal knowledge can be encoded and preserved.
Magic Squares
Magic Squares
Magic Squares
In Magic Squares the addition of each of the rows and columns add up to the same number. From Ancient times thinkers have explored these mathematical mysteries, uncovering deep ordering principles underlying numbers and geometry. Within his esoteric market analysis systems Gann used a "Squares of Nine" and a "Square of Four".
Space and time can be seen as the primary elements which define the container of existence in which we all function. In the financial markets we could say that Price and Time are the two primary elements which define market movement and structure. Price is Space in the financial market cosmos, and Gann himself even referred to Space in market charts.
Robert Rundle
View our Robert Rundle pages
View our Robert Rundle pages
Magic Words Thru the Zodiac cracks the complex symbolic code that W. D. Gann used within "The Tunnel Thru the Air". It unveils a Masonic Gematria cypher which serves to decrypt references and clues concealed in names, dates and other key words thru the text. These conversions are used to determine anchor points for important market cycles.
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