Options Trading
Options Trading
Options Trading
Options provide many very useful benefits, like locking in the limit of your risk, since you can never lose more than the cost of the option you purchase. With the current volatility of the market and overnight trading, many traders are afraid to hold positions overnight, but options can give a safe way to hold open positions without fear of extreme volatility.
Magick in the Western Esoteric tradition represents a Western equivalent to the internal training systems that are found in Eastern traditions, but is focused on the development of human powers and abilities. These include mastery of physical, emotional and mental bodies, control over the elements and development of psychic perception and influence.
The Tarot, also known as the Book of Wisdom has a long and interesting history reaching back to its first documented appearance in the 1500’s. Legend atributes the Tarot to Ancient Egypt and a supposed underground temple with images on the walls. The symbolic cards passed down via wandering "gypsies", and were commonly used in fortune telling.
The Canon
The Canon
The Canon
The Canon refers primarily to an ancient esoteric system of knowledge and cosmology encoded into temples, artifacts, art and monuments. The Egyptians had a specific Canon to lay out the grids upon which they designed their art, and there are also canons of proportion used in the Renaissance, as well as by later artists, geometers and musicians.
Codes and Ciphers
Codes & Ciphers
Codes & Ciphers
We have books on symbolic codes and ciphers from various esoteric traditions, including Masonic codes. Gann used codes in "Tunnel Through the Air", and encrypted his personal notes using a code called "Bell, Book and Candle". Gann enthusiasts study Masonic codes to help uncover his secrets.
Natural Order
Natural Order
Natural Order
Natural Order has from ancient times looked deeply into principles of order behind nature and the universe, like phyllotaxis which governs the placement of leaves on plants, the harmonic ratios between the placement of the planets in the solar system, or the spirilic mathematics of galaxies. Natural order reveals magical relationships in the natural world.
We don't cover all theories of modern or academic physics, but specializes in unusual books relating to applications connected with such topics as financial forecasting, and alternative or ancient cosmology. We cover theories like electromagnetism, energy grids, vortex systems, wave theory, vibration, relativity, power laws and hyper-dimensions.
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The Sacred Science Translation Society began in 2004 as a project to translate a collection of the most important and rare works on Cosmology & Esoteric Science into English. Through Angel DonorsSubscribtion Contributions we raised over $40,000 to translate famous foreign masterpieces from French & German on critical subjects in Harmonics, Geometry, Esoteric Mathematics, & Ancient Cosmology.
Hans Kayser was one of the 20th century's leading scientists who made a profound mathematical, geometric and philosophical study of the Science of Harmonics. Now finally avaible in English though our Translation Society, Kayser's series of works explore the deepest principles of Pythagorean Harmony & Order.  His profound research reveals critical insights into Gann Theory & The Law of Vibration.
Our second translation is a French masterpiece on the establishment of a "Golden Rule" according to the principles of Tantrism, Taoism, Pythagoreanism, & the Kabala, serving to fulfill the Laws of Universal Harmony & contributing to the accomplishment of the Great Work. It develops a system of correspondences between the symbolic, geometrical, mathematical & astronomical systems of architecture of the ancient world.
The Law Of The Cosmos: The Divine Harmony According To Plato's Republic/Timeaus. The Platonic Riddle Of Numbers Solved contains hundreds of the most sophisticated diagrams on Sacred Geometry, Pythagorean & Platonic Number Theory, Harmonics & Astronomy with analysis & elaboration of Universal Order & Cosmic Law. Herman Hesse called him a Magisterludi of the Glass Bead Game.
THE ARCHEOMETER: Key To All The Religions & Sciences of Antiquity, Synthetic Reformation of All Contemporary Arts. The Archeometer is the instrument used by the Ancients for the formation of the esoteric Canon of ancient Art and Science in its various architectural, musical, scientific forms. A highly respected elaborations of the Universal System, by one of the great esotericists of the 19th century.
W.D. Gann Works
W.D. Gann Works
W.D. Gann Works
We stock the complete collection of the works of W.D. Gann. His private courses represent the most important of his writings, going into much greater detail than the public book series. Our 6 Volume set of Gann's Collected Writings includes supplementary rare source materials, and is the most reliable compliation of Gann's unadulterated vital work.
Dr. Jerome Baumring
Dr. Jerome Baumring
Dr. Jerome Baumring
The work of Dr. Baumring is the core inspiration upon which this entire website is based. Baumring is the only known modern person to have cracked the code behind WD Gann’s system of trading and market order. Baumring found and elaborated the system of scientific cosmology at the root of Gann’s Law of Vibration. There is no other Gann teaching that gets close to the depth of Baumring’s work.
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Our collection of scientific books is quite unlike any other. There is a long history to the development of our catalog that has evolved over 75 years, creating one of the most valuable and unique collections of specialized and unusual scientific material every compiled.

It began with a pursuit of the work of the great financial analyst, W. D. Gann, who was able to forecast financial markets better than anyone in history using a system which he called the Law of Vibration. In his 1909 interview with the Ticker & Investment Digest, Gann explained that this system was based upon mathematics and Natural Law, and the principles upon which wireless telegraphy, telephone and the phonograph were based. He claimed that stocks behaved like atoms or molecules, attracted and repelled in periodic intervals by forces which ebbed and flowed according to specific time cycles. He explained that the driving power behind the markets were controlled electromagnetism influenced by harmonic or inharmonic relationships, which controlled all things and could be predicted in advance.

Gann agreed with Faraday, who said: “There is nothing in the Universe but mathematical points of force.” He gave the following explanation of the foundations of his scientific system which he claimed not only controlled the financial markets, but also explained the causative factors and ordering system behind all natural phenomena:

“Everything in existence is based on exact proportion and perfect relationship. There is no chance in nature, because mathematical principles of the highest order lie at the foundation of all things. Vibration is fundamental; nothing is exempt from this law; it is universal, therefore applicable to every class of phenomena on the globe. Through the Law of Vibration every stock in the market moves in its own distinctive sphere of activities, as to intensity, volume and direction; all the essential qualities of its evolution are characterized in its own rate of vibration. Stocks, like atoms, are really centers of energies, therefore they are controlled, mathematically. Stocks create their own field of action and power; power to attract and repel, which principle explains why certain stocks at times lead the market and 'turn dead' at other times. Thus to speculate scientifically it is absolutely necessary to follow natural law. After years of patient study, I have proven to my entire satisfaction as well as demonstrated to others that vibration explains every possible phase and condition of the market, as well as all phenomena in nature."

In the 1980’s Dr. Jerome Baumring, created an advanced PhD level course on the scientific or cosmological system behind Gann’s Law of Vibration. As required curriculum for this study, Dr. Baumring recommended over 100 important scientific works needed to elaborate the principles and foundations of his Gann’s system. These scientific works ranged from original source works from the 1800’s that were the core works that Gann himself studied relating to Natural Science and Philosophy, to valuable works in the fields of alternative science and lesser known scientific traditions. These Traditions reach back to Ancient India, Egypt and Greece, developing ideas of the great founders of scientific tradition like Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle, through the cosmological systems since then such as Hermetics, Alchemy, Celestial Mechanics and the deeper work of thinkers like Bruno, Kepler, Newton and Tesla. In recent times he explored subjects like fractal geometry, Chaos Theory, Relativity, space-time, quantum mechanics, and multidimensional aether physics.

The works in our catalog explore these rarified fields of science which have at times been missed, dropped or, in some cases, intentionally ignored by a more socialized mainstream scientism, that has rejected its roots in the more integrated system of the ancients, and instead turned to a limited materialism which sees the universe as a collection of disconnected mechanical parts. Fortunately, free thinking modern researchers have looked back to these older and more unified systems of the cosmos, which integrate theories of matter and consciousness, creating a more holistic system in which all things are interconnected through a symbiotic relationship which stretches across space and time. This wider perspective presages the true future path of science, and our collection of books pushes the envelope of scientific theory into new unexplored areas. It has become clear that Gann’s advanced theories of 100 years ago points the way to a deeper exploration of a more advanced and unified system of science and cosmology.

In the 30 years since Baumring’s passing, we have acquired a 15,000 volume collection of rare scientific and metaphysical treatises with a particular focus upon cosmological science and the esoteric and scientific systems of the ancient and modern world. Through the Sacred Science Translations Society, we have developed a series of important metaphysical and scientific source works in cosmology and advanced scientific esoterics which have been translated into English for the first time. We think that our catalog of scientific and alternative source works provides the most comprehensive and valuable coverage of the subject of esoteric cosmology, universal causation and the integration of consciousness and the material world of any collection out there.
Esoteric Art Based upon Scientific & Metaphysical Principles
In Ancient times, art was more than just a form of entertainment or decoration, it was a means of preserving and communicating various forms and levels of knowledge, and to varying degrees in different traditions, was even THE way that scientific principles and wisdom was passed down to future generations. A core element of this is what is called The Canon, a system whereby which through ratio, proportion, shape and symbolism, an entire system of universal knowledge could be encoded, unbeknownst to many, which would be preserved through the ages.

This form of art was not only done to preserve the information, but through the use of what are considered sacred principles, rations, geometries, and harmonics, artistic would, artifacts, and architecture was created which expressed both a greater beauty than random art, but also possessed and energetic power and influence which could produce tangible effects in the viewers or experiencers of that work.

This section lists a number of book with artistic references and relationships and explanations of scientific and metaphysical principles of order, geometry, dynamic symmetry, and the like. It also includes systems of art which encode esoteric and metaphysical or scientific principles of higher or secret wisdom, like Canonical art or Alchemical symbolism.
Rare Books Related to our System of Cosmology
A fundamental principle of idea of Cosmological Economics is the interconnection between different elements in the universe, including galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets and the interactive influences between them. Those who think these connections are tenuous, are probably not familiar with new breakthroughs in cutting edge astronomy where it has been discovered that things like the 250,000,000 year rotation of the Milky Way galaxy is responsible for fluctuations of temperatures on Earth as a result of cosmic ray variations as we rotate through the spiral arms. Or new research that shows the cosmic rays projected from galaxies and black holes have radical effects on the human physiology, the mantle of the Earth and effects the geomagnetic environment of the planet. Close to home, there have been many new discoveries of the influence of Solar phenomena on everything from weather patterns, magnetic field flux, earthquakes, volcanoes, radio disturbance, to electromagnetism across the planet.

The complex dynamic interactions of a system as complex as our solar system, are far beyond the understanding of current levels of science, and present a cutting edge field of exploration with radical implications for every element of life on our planet. The speed and direction of solar motion dependently of the motion of the Earth through the cosmos is a factor that is little considered in any scientific considerations, yet radically effects our planet. The ancients had many complex understandings of these problems and their interrelationships that extend beyond much of what is understood today, and our collection of books brings to life many of these lost or ignored ideas that are critical to modern science. Subjects like the Precession of the Equinoxes were studied and tracked for 1000’s of years by the ancients for reasons modern scientists can barely understand, and advanced principles of distance of planets and stars, speeds of celestial motions, and more were better understood by the ancients, though no one understands how or why.

This category contains numerous works exploring alternative theories and insights on celestial mechanics, astronomy, planetary systems, ancient and modern theories of the stars, planets and solar system, including planetary periods, cycles, energies, forces, solar theories, principles of gravity, planetary motion, galactic order, and much more. It is a subject of great mystery and scientific importance with the potential to learn much wisdom from lost traditions.
Aether Physics
The Subtle Substance Providing the Foundations for Vibrational Cosmology
Since the times of Plato, the principle of Aether, a subtle universal plenum filling all space and potentially responsible for the propagation of forces and energies, along with Earth, Air, Fire and Water, has been a core element in the spectrum of universal elements. Up through the late 19th century, most scientists, including Einstein, and most leading edge cosmological systems incorporated the principle of Aether as a fundamental element of their systems. The existence of Aether has never been sufficiently disproven, even Einstein still believed it was potentially there, and some systems of cosmology still posit this element as a fundamental substance.

Within the field of alternative cosmology, there are many proponents of an Aether theory, such as Emanuel Swedenborg, Walter Russell, and Edwin Babbitt, to even modern physicists like David Bohm whose Holographic Paradigm approaches the universe in this way still. There is lots of interest in the idea, and it is something that is having a resurgence in ways. We consider Hyperdimensional Aether Physics to be the basis of the esoteric cosmological system that was developed by Dr. Baumring and a strong basis of Gann’s Law of Vibration.

One fundamental element of the subject is the existence of Vortex systems and the importance of Vortex science. As one explores both the vast universe down to the structures of biological organisms, one finds that all things seem to be surrounded by a energetic vortex filed, which transports subtle energies through the physical systems. Whether it be the grand structure of a galaxy, the body of a sun or planet or the auric field of a human being, all things are surrounded by a Vortex of subtle energy which is a dominant part of its subtle physiology and without which, that thing world probably not live. This is a subject in need of much greater exploration by modern science, and our collection of books provide an introduction to this important but little known field.
Design Related to Systems of Geometric Order & Subtle Energy
Architecture based upon sacred geometry, harmonics and esoteric ordering principles uses very specific ratios and proportions derived from key mathematical relationships known to be perceived as more beautiful than others, such as the phi proportion, .618, called the Divine Proportion, one of the primary templates of ancient architecture. This important ration is to be found throughout nature, in the ordering of the leaves on plants, the number of petals in flowers, the placement of the planets in the solar system, the composition of the spiral arms of the Galaxy, in the relationship of the lengths of each body part to the others. Essentially it is ubiquitous throughout nature as a primary generating and ordering principle.

The Canon is an esoteric system of knowledge and cosmology known by the ancient and encoded into their temples, artifacts, art and monuments. The great ancient civilizations possessed a wisdom that had been lost to the modern world, but is hidden in the ancient artifacts and monuments waiting to be read by those “with eyes to see”. Understanding the system of the Canon opens the door to reading all the wisdom of the ancient world.

Similarly, harmonic ratios based upon the harmonious vibrational frequencies of music will be found to dominate sacred geometry, the octave, third, fifth and the like, showing how nature is a form of frozen music. However, these ratios are used not just because of their inherent beauty, but because they also produce energetic effects that are different from other ratios. In the same way that a harmonious musical relationship will cause beauty and pleasure to the ear, which disharmony will cause one to cringe, the structural application of such “divine” frequencies will create energetic results which will give a spaces a “feeling” that is higher and more disposed for higher thought and consciousness. These systems were developed in great depth in antiquity, but have been all but lost today. We have one of the largest collections of these important works in the world, and it is one of our specialties.

Our collection of books on architecture specializes in sacred architecture or buildings designed based upon principles of sacred geometry, universal order, or concepts of energetic science, harmonics, symmetry, energy generation and the like. We focus on advanced principles used by the ancients to create structures of great beauty and power.
Science Biography
Stories of Key Figures in Science & Metaphysics
There are a many fascinating and important historical figures in the field of alternative science and cosmology, from famous figures like Pythagoras, Plato, Hermes or Bruno, to well-known figures whose stories have been misrepresented like the great Alchemist Isaac Newton. There are also many figures from ancient times, older scientists and esotericists, whose biographies contribute a great deal to our extended fields of knowledge. We are continually compiling biographies of these scientific and esoteric figures, or histories of these particular traditions, their origins, proponents and applications, building an ongoing archive of important work on these essential subjects.
Baumring Science List
Scientific Books Recommended by Dr. Baumring for his Students
In the 1980’s Dr. Jerome Baumring, created an advanced PhD level course on the scientific or cosmological system behind Gann’s Law of Vibration. As required curriculum for this study, Dr. Baumring recommended over 100 important scientific works needed to elaborate the principles and foundations of his Gann’s system. These scientific works ranged from original source works from the 1800’s that were the core works that Gann himself studied relating to Natural Science and Philosophy, to valuable works in the fields of alternative science and lesser known scientific traditions. These Traditions reach back to Ancient India, Egypt and Greece, developing ideas of the great founders of scientific tradition like Pythagoras, Plato and Aristotle, through the cosmological systems since then such as Hermetics, Alchemy, Celestial Mechanics and the deeper work of thinkers like Bruno, Kepler, Newton and Tesla. In recent times he explored subjects like fractal geometry, Chaos Theory, Relativity, space-time, quantum mechanics, and multidimensional aether physics.

The works in Baumring’s science catalog explore these rarified fields of science which have at times been missed, dropped or, in some cases, intentionally ignored by a more socialized mainstream scientism, that has rejected its roots in the more integrated system of the ancients, and instead turned to a limited materialism which sees the universe as a collection of disconnected mechanical parts. Fortunately, free thinking modern researchers have looked back to these older and more unified systems of the cosmos, which integrate theories of matter and consciousness, creating a more holistic system in which all things are interconnected through a symbiotic relationship which stretches across space and time. This wider perspective presages the true future path of science, and our collection of books pushes the envelope of scientific theory into new unexplored areas. It has become clear that Gann’s advanced theories of 100 years ago points the way to a deeper exploration of a more advanced and unified system of science and cosmology.
Celestial Mechanics
Technical Mechanics of Planetary & Stellar Motion
Aside from our broader category on general astronomy, this field of Celestial Mechanics deals more particularly upon the mechanics and process of motion of celestial bodies. Generally, the term is more applied to the mechanics of the solar system with the interaction between the numerous planets and the sun. However, it would also extend to wider regions of cosmic space. Theories such as the likelihood that our sun is part of a Binary Star system would fall into the field of Celestial Mechanics. Also such considerations as the relationship between planetary influences, forces and gravitational relationships would come under this field. This category contains books on astronomy specifically focusing upon the mechanics of the cosmos, planetary systems and galaxies. The subject explores relationships and process of heavenly bodies, examining cycles of time, motions of celestial bodies, and the influences between them.
Alternative Theories of Chemical Structure, Order & Process
The origin of modern chemistry reaches back to the medieval and enlightenment philosophers to the mysterious science of Alchemy. Alchemy originated in Ancient Egypt, know to the Arabs as Kemi, the Black Lands, so Al-Kemi means “of Egypt”. Just as the Hermetic works inspired all the great minds towards the theory of heliocentricism and universal order, so did Alchemy inspire the experimentation with chemicals and compounds which led to the modern science of chemistry.

However, while the great wisdom of the Alchemical Tradition contained both an advanced cosmological wisdom as well as a science of transmutation of base metals into gold, and base man into spiritual man, modern chemistry lost touch with those deeper roots, developing into what the more esoteric tradition would call “vulgar alchemy” which focuses only upon the mere chemical elements and transmutations of common chemicals, disassociated with the deeper philosophical elements. Our selection of books relating to chemistry and chemical elements focuses more on the broader subject with its relationship to ordering systems and esoteric sciences. Our collection of unusual titles and alternative theories of atomic structures and chemical transmutation looks back more towards the different theories closer to the Alchemical Tradition but in the context of a modern exploration of the subject.
Esoteric Theories of the Origins & Development of the Universe
The theory and study of the origins and development of the Cosmos. Unlike scientific Cosmogenesis, the esoteric study of the subject explores more deeply concepts stemming from theories of Idealism and how the universe could project or extend out of a universal plenum of field of intelligence, rather than a materialistic explanation of how random forces, energies and particles happen to randomly conjoin to from the complex order and structures of the universe This filed explores the abstract ordering principles and intelligence behind such organizing principles, postulating that a field of consciousness or intelligent energy serves as the true plenum of creation and that the material universe is rather an extension of the subtle energetics of intelligent conscious energy, not the random ordering of unintelligent matter. This principle has dominated all scientific, metaphysical and spiritual though from ancient time through today, with only the recent materialistic aberration postulating the reverse positionality of the dominance of matter, which is theoretically unfounded.
Theories of Universal Order & Function
Cosmology provides the primary basis for our theoretical system of market order and scientific analysis. However, our approach to Cosmology is not quite the same as what is considered by the mainstream academic community, wherein cosmology has really just become a form of astrophysics combined with the theoretical physics of force unification and singularity. In our analysis, which looks more towards the ancient and alternative definitions of the subject, there is much more to cosmology than the mere analysis of several categories of scientific inquiry. In our approach to Cosmology, a term initially invented by the great Pythagoras, we consider ALL elements of the universe, which includes consciousness and the mind.

While modern scientific cosmology could be considered to be purely materialistic in its orientation, Pythagorean, Esoteric, Eastern, Ancient or metaphysical theories of cosmology hold an opposite position which would generally be considered as idealism vs. the modern materialism. In such a perspective rather than positing matter as the primary basis of reality, idealism would posit mind or consciousness as the underlying field or basis of all universal form, which is nothing more than a more condensed or compressed coagulation of subtle substance. In the same way, modern science, while digging for the most fundamental component of matter finds nothing but space and energy, and as yes is relatively unable to define exactly what that energy is.

In fact, with the recent understanding of dark energy and dark matter, the matter which comprises the basis modern materialistic cosmology accounts for only 4% of the mass of the universe, with another 23% being what is called “dark matter” and the remaining 72% being “dark energy”. Essentially, here we see that materialistic theories of science can only account for 4% of universal mass with their limited theories. The cosmology of Idealism is able to account for this “missing” mass through its far more sophisticated and vast universal theories of multiple planes of being and consciousness which exist on subtler levels than pure matter, which would easily account for this missing mass and energy.

Further, the systems of Ancient and alternative cosmology posit a relationship between mind and matter that is completely nonexistent in the materialistic theories. In idealistic theories, since matter is an extension of subtle planes of energetic consciousness fields, these field both permeate and control the more gross forms of matter. This leads to a far more integrated and sophisticated system of symbiotic relationship between the spectrum of contents of the cosmos. Our collection of works on cosmological systems particularly focusing on those of the ancients, or of modern alternative theories of the universe and its functions and relationships. There are many systems of cosmology that have been rejected or ignored by modern science, often incorrectly. We preserve these systems which important ideas or premises that are still worth serious consideration.
Studies of Temporal Elements of Reality
Time is one of the most fundamental considerations in any form of science, philosophy or financial market theory. Since financial charts have 2 primary axes, price and time, it is one of the most important elements of market theory, because timing of the markets is the most advanced and complicated approach to understanding market action. Similarly, in science and philosophy, since all such subjects are cognized by humans, and all humans are subject to an experience of linear time, conceptualizing reality in terms of these most basic premises is the first step in the development of any kind of theory or reality. Therefor a study of time from various perspectives is critical to all advanced thought, let along to market analysis.

Our collection of titles surrounding the subject of Time in all of its elements covers subjects which range from Time Cycles, to Relativity, Hyperdimensionality and Spacetime. Our collection was selected by Dr. Baumring and others like WD Gann, and provides fundamental insights needed to develop the theory of market analysis as well as scientific or esoteric cosmology. Our titles present new ideas and alternative perspectives on the subject that will be unfamiliar to most.
The Underlying Fabric of the Cosmos
Just as Time is one of the fundamental elements of existence, both in the universe and the markets, so is the idea of Space of similar importance. In physical reality, space and time can be seen as the only to structural elements which define the container of existence in which we all exist and function. Similarly, in the financial markets we could say that Price and Time are the two primary elements which define market movement and structure. Therefore, we can form a direct correlation between Price in the markets and Space in the universe. Price is the Space of the financial market cosmos, and Gann himself even referred to Space in market charts.

So the study of financial charts bears a similar relationship to the study of the cosmos in the necessity to consider the Relativistic effects of Space-Time or Price-Time. This is where the deeper theories of Gann and Baumring draw close parallels to the deepest fields of study in scientific cosmology. Our collection of books explores the relationship between space and time, multi-dimensionality, Einsteinian Relativity, and the general underlying structure of reality. Space and time are the fundamental components of the material world as well as in our subjective awareness, so a primary consideration in any study of science or metaphysics or markets.
4th Dimension
Theories of Multidimensionality Relating Space & Time
Most of the science from the last 1800’s postulated the interrelation of a 4th Dimension in relationship to our common 3-Dimensional space. Often this 4th is considered to be Time itself, though other theories develop concepts of alternative dimensionalities, even beyond 4. New theories such as Superstring Theory posit a 10-Dimensional universe, and M-Theory integrates these theories into a singular one through an 11-Dimensional theory. Gann himself discussed the idea of “space” being the 4th dimension in the markets? Deciphering what he meant by that requires the Gann theorist to understand these complex and often metaphysical theories of dimensionality in their market studies. Our category contains all the books relating to this subject from the framework of interest to the study of Gann and Cosmological Economics.
Phi - The Golden Ratio & Divine Proportion
Leonardo Fibonacci is the famous thinking attributed with the discovery of the Golden Ratio or Phi. Of course, he was not the first to discover this ratio, since it was a primary ratio used by the ancients in their art and architecture. In fact, this number of beauty, .618, was so important to the Ancients that they called it the Divine Proportion, and they used it as the fundamental proportional relationship of much of their art and architecture. This was partly done in a process of modeling the universe and nature, where this Golden Ratio can be found to be the governing principle of most natural for, whether it be the spirals of shells or horns, the relationship of petals on a flower, the proportion of the limbs and sections of our physical body, the placement of the planets in our solar system, or the structure of the spiral arms of our Milky Way Galaxy.

Phi or the Divine Proportion is the most dominant mathematical form found in the natural universe, and hence is one of the most studied mathematical principles in financial market analysis. Many consider the Fibonacci ratios to be the dominant mathematical ordering principles in market growth, as it is in natural growth. However, others like Dr. Baumring, would argue that there are alternative mathematical principles to be found in the markets that have a more dominant influence such as the root ratios found in Dynamic Symmetry. Our collection explores the meaning, principles, value and importance of Fibonacci’s work and anything related to the Divine Proportion, .618.
Chaos Theory
Finding Order in Complexity thru Non-Linear Dynamic Systems
Non-linear dynamic mathematics, also known as Chaos Theory is a mathematical science that discovers order in what is considered to be random patterns, exploring subjects like Fractal Geometry, the mechanics of systems, Lorentz Attractors, and more. In the 1980’s, Dr. Baumring was one of the first to introduce the idea that Chaos theory and Fractal Geometry provided a conceptual basis behind market phenomena, and sometime later, the great Mandelbrot attempted to apply his theory of Chaos to the markets, though without great success.

However, the general theory of hidden order in what is often considered to be randomness is fundamentally true, it is just more complicated than modern theorists have been able to uncover. However, the work of analysts like Gann or Baumring did uncover such a hidden order behind market phenomena, an understanding of which stretches back to the oldest theories of universal phenomena of the Ancients. The ancients already possessed ideas quite similar to Chaos theory in their ideas of sacred geometry and mathematical order, Kabbalah and the like, and the ancient systems can be seen to have been important precursors to these ideas. Our Chaos category contains both modern book of interst on the subject, as well as older works developing similar theories from the older traditions.
Fractal Geometry
Patterns within Patterns Building Complex Order
A branch of Chaos Theory, fractals are a beautiful collection of geometric patterns generated from non-linear mathematical equations, which when zoomed in and out of, produce hierarchies of the same pattern in every direction. It shows how advanced complexity can be generated from iterations of simple patternings, and presents a theory of how the complexity seen throughout nature and the universe can be boiled down to more simplistic forms which when subtly varied and reiterated in symmetrical direction, form, size, color, etc, can create exquisite complexity of the level that appears random.

This conceptual template bears a direct relationship on financial market phenomena, which any perceptive technical analyst or chartist will have noticed with his studies. If one observes markets on a minutely, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly chart, one will notice that almost the EXACT same patterns permeate each of these time levels of market action. Almost the same exact patterns in time and price percentage ratios and proportions will be found on every level of market action. This presents a direct correlation to the idea of Fractal relationships and has surprisingly hardly been observed or focused upon by scientific theorist.

However, it has been clearly noticed by market analysis, like Gann, whose concept of “Form Reading” which sees common patterns in the market which foreshadow coming events due to the consistency of the structure. Baumring postulated that there were only about 12 fundamental patterns in the market that can, like the amino acids in DNA, make up the entire structure of all market phenomena on all time frames. This category will present books, both ancient and modern, which explore these ideas.
Ancient & Modern Esoteric Systems & Theories of Geometric Order
One of the 4 Classical Liberal Arts, our collection of books on geometry digresses from the common wisdom on the subject in that we explore geometry as a fundamental ordering principle of the universe. We collect systems that develop advanced theories of geometrical order, spirals, symmetry, ratios, progressions, etc. We cover the theories of the Ancients like Pythagoras, the Egyptians, Indians, and Platonists, and have an unusual collections of items on the subject. These books provide an invaluable resource for those seeding to understand any element of the geometric order behind all things, from nature, to plants to animals to humans, to celestial system and mechanics, for there is a geometrical order and relationship between all these things.

In the financial markets the study of Market Geometry is one of the most interesting and important elements of technical analysis, since the study of the markets is at its core a geometrical study, looking at the growth ratios and proportions of moves, structures, reactions, price levels and time cycles. There is even a geometry of time, wherein cycles of time are related to specific harmonic ratios which provide the structure for particular forms of geometric order. Gann was a master geometer and used the ancient system of sacred geometry as the basis for his system of market analysis through his use of Gann Angles, his Master Squares and calculators and much more. Our collection of works on this subjects is probably the most extensive in the world relating to universal geometrical ordering systems and the cosmologies relating to them.
Harmonics and Music
Musical Vibration as a System of Universal Order
Another of the 4 Classical Liberal Ars defined by Pythagoras, the science of harmonics is one of the most important, yet least understood subjects in the esoteric and scientific traditions. The theory posits that the entire universe is comprised of vibration, and that the harmonic relationships of this vibration serve to govern the construction of the universe. As such everything can be defined in terms of vibrational frequency and harmonic relationship.

In the financial markets this theory close connects with the ideas of WD Gann who called his system of market order the Law of Vibration. He was this as a cosmological system ordering all things in the universe, and used principles of harmonics and vibration to predict the financial markets. Our collection of books on harmonics/music explore the scientific study of harmonic vibration and its value as the foundation of cosmological systems, related to every subject, from plants, to human forms, to architecture, to astronomy to financial markets. We have one of the best collections anywhere in this field, and have produced translations of rare and important works on this topic by the great Hans Kayser.
Hans Kayser
The Master of Harmonic Science
The greatest thinker and scholar of the science of Harmonics. A modern Pythagorean who has advanced this study in the modern age further than any before. Our Translation Society has, so far, brought 4 of his works into English, and plan to translate his entire series of 12 books in the years to come. Kayser’s theory really presents is a universal Law of Vibration, much like a Superstring theory, which constructs the universe from harmonic vibrations.

Kayser’s work far ahead of its time, yet penetrates into the depths of the most ancient and esoteric Pythagorean Tradition, much of which can be traced back to Egyptian Temple science. Kayser’s Textbook of Harmonics provides the most valuable insight into Gann’s Law of Vibration of any resource out there. Anyone interested in the value and meaning of music and the power of vibration to structure the order of the universe will find this work invaluable and revelatory! Kayser integrates the idea of how the quantitative element of music creates the qualitative value of the effects it has, something never before explained.
Science of Vibration
The Cosmological System Behind Gann’s Market Science
A term initially coined by W. D. Gann as the basis of the science behind his system of market forecasting. It explores theories of aether physics, vortex systems, and universal order as considered in the late 1800’s, incorporated with valuable elements taken from the esoteric tradition and the systems of cosmology of the ancients. A fascinating study of the ordering system of the cosmos, the theory posits that the entire universe is comprised of vibration, and that the harmonic relationships of this vibration serve to govern the construction of the universe. As such everything can be defined in terms of vibrational frequency and harmonic relationship.

In the financial markets, this theory was stated by WD Gann as the basis of his system of market order which he used to forecast market movements. He related it to wireless telegraphy, electromagnetism, and atomic structure, saying that the foundations of this system governed the order behind all things, large and small, and particularly the financial markets. Our collection of books, compiled by Dr. Baumring and our institute over many years, presents the most detailed elaboration of these ideas anywhere available.
Learning Systems
Techniques & Systems of Accelerated Learning
This category collects advanced systems of learning using maximally efficient techniques to accelerate the learning process. It covers things like memory systems, rapid mathematical calculation techniques, artistic systems, physical, mental or spiritual training programs. It explores rapid learning systems that provide advanced technologies for mastering systems of understanding or techniques for accelerated performance. It collects both ancient and modern intellectual technologies which find new approaches t learning and understanding, which can accelerate the learning process significantly both for children or adults alike.
Magic Squares
Mysterious Mathematical Calculators
A subject of great interest in esoteric traditions of mathematics. There are a series of mathematical squares called Magic Squares where the addition of each of the rows and columns add up to the same number. The exploration of these mathematical mysteries leads into deep contemplations of underlying ordering principles in mathematics, and the unusual relationships of numbers and geometry.

Many people in the Gann tradition study magic squares as a means to better understand Gann’s mysterious calculators like his Square of Nine, Square of Four, and other spiral calculators. These calculators which were discovered in ancient civilizations like India and Egypt have properties of providing various forms of advanced calculations and measurements. A fascinating study for those interested in market order of number patterns and mysteries.
Alternative & Esoteric Mathematical Theories & Systems
Our collection of books on mathematics are not just a general collection of math books, but are specifically selected collection of interesting and unusual books presenting alternative theories of math, metaphysical concepts of mathematics, and conceptual approaches useful for financial forecasting or more esoteric cosmological theory. Both WD Gann and Dr. Baumring were deeply interested in alternative approaches to mathematics and relationships between them and universal theory, seeing methods of calculating ordering process in the universe and in particular focusing upon methods of prediction.
Memory Systems
Mnemonic Techniques for Advanced Recall
Systems to train the mind in the retention of concepts, lists, ideas and the like. Memory systems can make much modern school study a simple breeze, since so much of school is memorization and regurgitation. This category explores systems used by ancients and moderns to memorize entire books, and lists of items and concepts, or long lists of anything. It is a particular subcategory of our accelerated and advanced systems of learning and training.
Natural Order
Systems of Mathematical Order throughout Nature
Modern science takes a different approach to nature than was taken in the recent past or by the ancients. They looked more deeply into principles of order behind nature and the universe, like phyllotaxis which governs the placement of leaves on plants, the harmonic ratios between the placement of the planets in the solar system, or the spirilic mathematics of galaxies.

Natural order is the beautiful system of order and placement behind the almost magical relationships found throughout the natural world. The study of this order was of great importance to the great ancient civilizations of the past, and they modeled both their art and architecture upon these natural ordering principles. They did so because nature finds the greatest efficiency in its processes, so in modeling human structures according to these principles produces the greatest possible efficiency as well as the greatest beauty.
Natural Philosophy
19th Century Integrated Science
In the 1700-1800’s science was called Natural Philosophy and practitioners in this field called themselves Natural Philosophers. Every scientist in these times was expected to study a wide range of scientific subjects, while not overly specializing in narrow and limited fields as scientists do today. This created a more holistic system of science, where the different branches were more easily integrated and the grand vision of the scientific system was more interlinked. Many of the ideas of these thinkers are more universal and comprehensive than modern systems of today, which have become overly fragmented and disconnected.

WD Gann lived and was educated in the times that this approach reigned, and is education in the science was guided by this more holistic approach. As such, it was easier for him to see the interconnection of these disparate field and led him to unifying them into a holistic theory, which he called his Law of Vibration. But he stated that the basis of this Law was fully founded in the principles of Natural Philosophy. This section contains some excellent reference works which will introduce and explain this intellectual approach to scientific understanding, giving a proper foundation for the study of Gann.
Number Theory
Numbers & Mysterious Theories of their Relationships
The esoteric and Pythagorean sciences love to play with the value and meaning of numbers. Subjects ranging from the complex mathematical theories of the Platonists, to Fibonacci’s relationships, to number progressions, ratios, proportions, sequences, series, series summed, numerology, and chaos theory. We have both ancient and modern books on the subject, including many rare and unusual treatises on these types of theories. Our catalog specializes in the overlap of numerical and metaphysical or esoteric systems, particularly those that posit a more integrated cosmology.
Interpretations of Physics Related to our Field
Again, our catalog does not generally cover the normal theories and approaches of modern or academic physics, but specializes more in unusual and interesting books that relate to the various applications connected with our fields f interest, like financial forecasting, and alternative or ancient cosmology. Theories like electromagnetism, energy grids, vortex systems, wave theory, Relativity, hyper-dimensionality, power laws, frequency, wave mechanics, vibrational system, and much more are examples of our angle of interest in Physics.
The 25,000 Year Cycle of Equinoctial Revolution
The Precession of the Equinoxes is one of the most important subjects in the ancient world, but is something that is very little understood today by the common man. It explains a complex grand motion of our solar system that was extremely carefully tracked by the ancients and considered by all great thinkers of the past. It provides the cause of the great cycles of the Platonic Year, also called the Yugas or ages that shift through Iron, Bronze, Silver and Gold, shifting 1 degree every 72 years, and causing changes in society on a grand scale.

Most people have heard of the “Age of Aquarius” but know little about what it actually is, which is one of 12 of these 2620 year periods which the earth cycles through over a 25,000 year period. This study is critical to the determination of periods of human prosperity and failure. It leads to theories of our solar system being part of unknown a Binary Star system that was well understood in ancient times, but knowledge of which has been lost today.
Theories Inspired or Related to the Founder of Western Science
Pythagoras was one of the greatest and most influential thinkers of all time, and really the founder of modern science. He influenced the entire range of Greek philosophers like Plato and continued to do so for 2000 years through Kepler. His system of the Quadrivium: Arithemetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy, the 4 Classical Liberal Arts, provided the foundational curriculum for all university study for centuries.

Educated in the Egyptian Temple and by his travels to India, he coalesced many ideas of the ancients into systems that developed into our modern sciences. He had one of the first modern schools on the Island of Samos, where he taught his theories and systems which are still influential today. Our catalog of books on Pythagoras and his theories focuses on the deeper cosmological principles taught by his school.
Translation Society - Science
Important Source Works Brought into English by our Translation Society
Our series of 7 important books on harmonics and cosmology translated by Ariel and Joscelyn Godwin from French and German. We have 4 works on universal harmonics by Hans Kayser, the Archeometer, a Key to All Science, and The Natural Architecture, the essence of Hermetic and Pythagorean science. Eberhard Wortmann’s Law of the Cosmos is an important work decoding the cosmology of Plato’s Timaeus. These books were brought into English for the first time through our Society, which continues in new forms with many more books to come.
Vortex Systems
An Essential Theory in Alternative Cosmology
One of the most important elements of 19th century aether physics, this concept is critical to W.D. Gann’s market science, and was further elaborated by great thinkers like Walter Russell, Edwin Babbitt and in many modern theories of the Torus as the underlying structure of spacetime. It provides a dynamic model of how energy flows in the universe through every form, such as in the energy field of humans and plants to the magnetic and energy fields of planets, suns, solar systems, and galaxies. An essential concept explaining the subtle forces of unknown energies and substances requiring reintegration into modern science.
Vedic Math
A Rapid Mental Mathematical Calculation System
Vedic math is a system of advanced mathematical calculation using a series of “sutras” cognized by a famous Indian Swami. These simple formulae allow anyone to do both simple and complex mathematical calculations very quickly in one’s head. An advancement in the process of mathematical calculation with cosmological implications, this is a new technology in mathematical processing replaces the old and inefficient processes like long division that we are all taught in school but mental processes that are faster, more fun and just as accurate. It’s is a revolution in mathematics that anyone can benefit from, getting rid of their calculators and doing fast math in their head.
Videos and DVD
Great Videos on Subjects in our Fields
Our ever growing collection of videos of lectures, films, documentaries covering subjects in our fields of interest. We keep our eye out for interesting and informative documentaries and add them to our catalog to help promote interesting ideas that are not so well known.
Solar Theory
The Sun & its Mysteries
Our great Sun is the most dominant and powerful influence in our lives, and yet so little is understood about it. This category contains theories, both ancient and modern, of the sun’s influences, motions, energies, composition, directional acceleration, and much more. We particularly specialize in the effects of the sun on human life and consciousness and as a potential propagator of important cosmic influences upon our planet.

Some Ancient civilizations worshiped the sun as the giver of life and the Hermetic Tradition honored the Sun God or the Sun King. Many such esoteric traditions mythologized their cosmological systems such and encoded in their symbolism advanced theories of solar influence and propagation of forces. The Sun is the dynamo of the Solar System and as such is the primary source of influences coming from the cosmos and affecting the Earth.
Theories of Energy & its Effects
Electromagnetism is one of the foundational principles of Physics even though there is still significant mystery around the energy of electricity and what it actually IS. Our books on this subject look back to many studies from the 1800’s where the subject from the perspective of Natural Philosophy is closely connected with vibrational physics, as well as its relationship to astronomical phenomena and energy fields. Gann was deeply interested in such subjects as the primary elements of his Law of Vibration, and any system of cosmology must delve deeply into these mysteries to account for the principles and process of natural phenomena.
Codes and Ciphers
Systems of Secretly Hiding Information
This section contains books on mathematical and symbolic codes and ciphers from various traditions, including Masonic codes and the kinds of ciphers Gann and other esotericists used to veil much of their work. It is well known that WD Gann used such codes in veiling knowledge in his book Tunnel Through the Air, as even said that he encoded his personal notes using a code called Bell, Book and Candle. Gann enthusiasts for many years have studied Masonic codes linked to copies of old Masonic Bibles to help uncover hidden secrets in Gann’s complex work.
Mental Science
Integraton of Mind & Matter & Theories of How this Works
An important study in linking cosmological or universal phenomena to influence upon human beings, through energetic propagation of subtle influences. Alternatively, works on the power of the mind and the function of its subtle energies and internal powers with connections through planes of thought and consciousness. Gann has works on mental science on his recommended reading list which helped to explain how cosmic influences were propagated and able to invluence mental phenomena in human beings. Understanding the mind to matter connection is essential to seeing the integration between matter and consciousness.
Theories of Knowledge & Meaning
Works on the theory of knowledge and systems of thought and ideology, particularly concentrated upon alternative and classical works which provide key insights into our fields of interest. In ancient times there was deep integration between the fields of science and philosophy where they were fundamentally interwoven in the ideas of Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, the Alchemists and many of the early thinkers before the official development of the “scientific” tradition.
Entertaining & Interesting Fictional Works on Esoteric Subjects
We have a small catalog of fascinating fictional works which relate to our various fields of interst and present fascinating ideas from a dramatic perspective in a fun and readable context. Books like Gann’s Tunnel Through the Air fall into this category, or Alchemical allegories and metaphysical mysteries. This is a fun an different way to integrate knowledge of more esoteric principles.
Vibrational Radiesthesia
The Science of Etheric Energy – It’s Measurement & Use
There is a long and deep tradition of the use of instruments to read subtle energy forces in nature, such as the practice of finding underground streams or wells, to the tracking of lay lines, to the finding of power spots to build temples and churches. This processes were accomplished through the use of subtle measuring devices like dowsing rods and pendulums, a tradition which stretches back 1000’s of years to the ancient civilizations. The Jesuits were famous for finding water sources when concerting pagans as a means of showing their advanced knowledge and power using these techniques. The scientific name for this practice is Vibrational Radiesthesia. This section contains works on this fascinating subject.
Calendar Systems
The Science of Tracking & Measuring Time
Most people have never given more than a passing through to the idea of a calendar and the way in which we count and name the passage of time. They do not realize that something as simple as the days of the weeks, the number of days in a month, the number of months each year are a thing of great import and something that strongly effects our experience of reality. Most people do not realize that this subject even really exists, let along that there are alternative theories of calendar creation and the tracking of time which create new kinds of experience for human life. The Calendar system that the modern (western) world operates on is called the Gregorian calendar, invented by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. It represented the refinement of several prior calendars such as the Julian, in an ongoing attempt to properly measure the length of the year. Currently, our calendar adds one extra day every 4 years, the “leap year” as a correction for its inaccuracy.

There are other alternative calendar systems that have been used or invented by different civilizations. For instance, the Mayan Civilization has 19 different calendars that they tracked over time, including one calendar which had 13 months of 28 days per year, tracking the actual lunar cycle. Most people do not realize that the word “month” refers to the “moon”, and understand even less that there are not 12 full moons per year, but actually 13, giving a more consistent system of equal length months, with one extra day left over. There are numerous other interesting systems, and this category will present works on these subjects for the exploration of the calculation and meaning of time.
Hermetic Science
Scientific & Esoteric Traditions from Ancient Egypt
Modern academia tends to tell the history of the west as originating from Ancient Greece, but what is not understood is that the bulk of Greek knowledge was actually passed to them from Ancient Egypt. Hermes Trismegistus, or the Thrice Great Hermes is the Greek term for Thoth, the master or God of Knowledge who held or communicated the wisdom tradition to the Egyptian Temple which preserved and passed on this knowledge for 1000’s of years. The great Pythagoras was a Temple Initiate, as was Solon, Socrates’ teacher, and many other of the great thinking of the ancient world.

The Hermetic writings are often dated from only in the early centuries of the common era, but in truth were more ancient teaching passed on my word and tradition over a long history. These teachings were adopted in the west and were first translated into Western languages by Ficino at the dawn of the Renaissance, forming part of the inspiration for the great transformation that took place at that time. As this wisdom penetrated deeper into the western mind, it formed the foundations of the esoteric tradition, influencing the science of Magic, Alchemy (Arabic for Al-Kemi “of Egypt”) and the basis of the hard sciences, giving the foundations for Heliocentric Thoery as presented by Copernicus, and deeply influencing Bruno, Kepler and even Newton, who was a dedicated Alchemist. It represents one of the powerful wisdom traditions to have influenced western thought at the deepest level.
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PFS Grain Forecast
Prandelli 2014 PFS Grain Forecast Bulletin
Prandelli 2014 PFS Grain Forecast Bulletin
2019 PFS Grain Forecast Bulletin by Daniele Prandelli. A Swing Trader's Forecast Based Upon Gann's Key Principles. The PFS Forecasting Model gives a model of the most expected highs, lows, turns and impulses and is then combined with Key Price Levels as determined by Gann's planetary longitude lines, creating a tradable forecast for the coming year.
McCormack Astrotech
Astrotech - By George McCormack’s
Astrotech - By George McCormack’s
Astrotech Journals. By George McCormack. A rare collection of astrological market journals from the astrologer and astro-meteorologist, author of the famous 1965 classic Long-Range AstroWeather Forecasting. We have perhaps the only surviving set of his astrological financial journals scattered through the period of 1937 thru 1942!
Forex Trading
Forex Trading
Forex Trading
Forex has become very popular, with trades not so limited by time and swings not as volatile as other commodities. Forex is essentially a commodity, so its markets follow general commodity rules and many facets of Gann analysis work just fine for the Forex exchange. We provide techniques, tools and systems particularly focused on the currency markets.
Hasbrouck Forecasts
Space-Time Forecasting Of Economic Trends, Volumes 1-3 - By Muriel & Louis Hasbrouck
Space-Time Forecasting Of Economic Trends, Volumes 1-3 - By Muriel & Louis Hasbrouck
Space-Time Forecasting of Economic Trends, Lost Archives of Muriel & Louis Hasbrouck. A highly important market research breakthrough theory! The Hasbrouck Archives contain 40 years of accurate financial forecasts, based on a Theory of Solar Space/Time Field Forces influencing space weather and markets! A 90% accuracy record!.
Market Software
Market Software
Market Software
Technical analysis requires sophisticated measurements and calculations, so good software tools save time and allow wider scope. We have carefully selected software for market analysis, geared towards Gann, geometric, astronomical, cycles or other related topics that we most use, including pre-programmed Gann and Astro tools.
Position Trading
Position trading is an approach recommended by both Gann and Baumring, saying that there were maybe only about 4 good trades per year in any market. Markets would go into congestions of accumulation or distribution for years awaiting a new trend, and meanwhile one trades other markets. Gann taught the same principles on his higher level, saying that MOST money was always made in following a strong trend.
Baumring Reading List
Baumring Reading List
Baumring Reading List
Dr. Baumring's reading lists were very comprehensive, covering all areas of the markets, sciences and metaphysical fields. Baumring was an intensive scholar who read 1800 words a minute and had a photographic memory, thus extendinghis scope. Baumring's 10,000 volume library included around 500 books which he saw as core information.
We have many books on initiatory systems and the exploartion of human potential.
A generalized term for any kind of metaphysical methodology for predicting future events. Examples would be psychic phenomena, reading crystal balls, scrying mirrors, numerology, astrology, and many more such divinatory techniques. These systems are popular amongst esoteric traders and forecasters seeking insight into future events.
Books exploring the human spirit, its state and development and relationship to higher planes and beings. General works on spirituality that are otherwise hard to categorize.
Aether Physics
Aether Physics
Aether Physics
Since Plato the principle of Aether, a subtle universal plenum filling space and responsible for propagating forces and energies, along with Earth, Air, Fire and Water, has been a core universal element. Until the late 19th century, scientists, including Einstein, and most cosmological systems, incorporated the principle of Aether as being fundamental.
Science Biography
Science Biography
Science Biography
There are a many important historical figures in the field of science and cosmology, like Pythagoras, Plato, Hermes, Bruno, or the misrepresented Isaac Newton. The work of these outstanding men contributed a great deal to our extended fields of knowledge. We specialise in books exploring the work of past masters who contributed so much.
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