Ferrera's Astro-Bible
Studies In Astrological Bible Interpretation
Studies In Astrological Bible Interpretation
Studies In Astrological Bible Interpretation. By Daniel T. Ferrera. An interesting exploration of the coding of astrological and astronomical cycles into the Bible. Provides an analysis of the book of Genesis, exploring coding systems by which astrological symbolism is veiled, showing how Gann and Bayer used these secrets in the markets.
Ferrera 2019 Outlook
Ferrera Outlook for 2015
Ferrera Outlook for 2015
Ferrera's General Outlook for 2019 is our most popular market letter. All traders know that in times of global financial crisis, market confusion, and economic instability, it is critical to obtain the best knowledge. In it's 11th year, Dan Ferrera's Outlook is based on experience developing advanced technical models giving market insight equal to the best advisors.
Gann Theory
Gann Theory
Gann Theory
We maintain the largest collection of secondary works on Gann Theory in the world, publishing many books written by top Gann experts and experienced Gann traders. We continually review work by other Gann experts, filtering out the highest quality material for inclusion in our catalog in order to satisfy the needs of our demanding clientele.
Gann Metaphysical
Gann Metaphysical Reading List
Gann Metaphysical Reading List
In the 1940ís Gann published a Recommended Reading list of about 90 books, each containing an essential part his system, which he sold to his students. n the 1980ís Dr. Baumring compiled about 70 of these titles, and we have collected the remainder, providing the only complete set available. We strongly recommend these works to all Gann students.
Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry
Sacred Geometry explores natural order representing foundational templates of the cosmos, via special proportions like "phi", the Divine Proportion, ubiquitous throughout nature as a primary generating and ordering principle. Musical harmonic ratios dominate sacred geometry, showing how nature is a form of frozen music.
Science Biography
Science Biography
Science Biography
There are a many important historical figures in the field of science and cosmology, like Pythagoras, Plato, Hermes, Bruno, or the misrepresented Isaac Newton. The work of these outstanding men contributed a great deal to our extended fields of knowledge. We specialise in books exploring the work of past masters who contributed so much.
Our catalog has fascinating fictional works which relate to our various fields of interest and present deep ideas from a dramatic perspective in a readable context. Books like Gannís "Tunnel Through the Air" fall into this category, along with Alchemical allegories and metaphysical mysteries.
Pause Start Back Next Translation Society Titles Top Science Titles Top Metaphysics Titles Science Categories Metaphysics Categories Cosmological Economics Financial Astrology
The Sacred Science Translation Society began in 2004 as a project to translate a collection of the most important and rare works on Cosmology & Esoteric Science into English. Through Angel DonorsSubscribtion Contributions we raised over $40,000 to translate famous foreign masterpieces from French & German on critical subjects in Harmonics, Geometry, Esoteric Mathematics, & Ancient Cosmology.
Hans Kayser was one of the 20th century's leading scientists who made a profound mathematical, geometric and philosophical study of the Science of Harmonics. Now finally avaible in English though our Translation Society, Kayser's series of works explore the deepest principles of Pythagorean Harmony & Order.  His profound research reveals critical insights into Gann Theory & The Law of Vibration.
Our second translation is a French masterpiece on the establishment of a "Golden Rule" according to the principles of Tantrism, Taoism, Pythagoreanism, & the Kabala, serving to fulfill the Laws of Universal Harmony & contributing to the accomplishment of the Great Work. It develops a system of correspondences between the symbolic, geometrical, mathematical & astronomical systems of architecture of the ancient world.
The Law Of The Cosmos: The Divine Harmony According To Plato's Republic/Timeaus. The Platonic Riddle Of Numbers Solved contains hundreds of the most sophisticated diagrams on Sacred Geometry, Pythagorean & Platonic Number Theory, Harmonics & Astronomy with analysis & elaboration of Universal Order & Cosmic Law. Herman Hesse called him a Magisterludi of the Glass Bead Game.
THE ARCHEOMETER: Key To All The Religions & Sciences of Antiquity, Synthetic Reformation of All Contemporary Arts. The Archeometer is the instrument used by the Ancients for the formation of the esoteric Canon of ancient Art and Science in its various architectural, musical, scientific forms. A highly respected elaborations of the Universal System, by one of the great esotericists of the 19th century.
W.D. Gann Works
W.D. Gann Works
W.D. Gann Works
We stock the complete collection of the works of W.D. Gann. His private courses represent the most important of his writings, going into much greater detail than the public book series. Our 6 Volume set of Gann's Collected Writings includes supplementary rare source materials, and is the most reliable compliation of Gann's unadulterated vital work.
Dr. Jerome Baumring
Dr. Jerome Baumring
Dr. Jerome Baumring
The work of Dr. Baumring is the core inspiration upon which this entire website is based. Baumring is the only known modern person to have cracked the code behind WD Gannís system of trading and market order. Baumring found and elaborated the system of scientific cosmology at the root of Gannís Law of Vibration. There is no other Gann teaching that gets close to the depth of Baumringís work.
SSI Bookstore SSI Metaphysical Book Categories SSI Scientific Book Categories
Our collection of financial market books is quite unlike any other catalog traders will find. There is a long history to the development of our catalog that has developed over 75 years, creating one of the most valuable and unique collections of specified material on fincial market forecasting and particularly Gann Theory, or what we call Cosmological Economics. Our collection contains all of the works ever referred to or recommended by W. D. Gann, as well as the greatest works from the Golden Age of Technical Analysis, which comprise the most important works on fincial analysis every produced. Baumring considered the works from the Golden Age to be far superior to most works published today, which are primarily comprised of watered down principles originally developed by the Old Masters in much greater detail and precision in the mid-20th century. This is the time when the true greats in the field lived, like Gann, Bayer, Cole, Andrews, Tubbs, Schabacker, Dewey, Nelson, Garrett, Dunnigan, Gartley, Elliot, Kondratieff, and many more. It was the time when all the foundational work in the field was born, a time before computers where technical methodologies were worked out by hand, on paper charts, and studied without the distractions of television, Internet and modern media.

Aside from the works of the old masters, and recommendations of Gann and his peers, this collection also represents the best of the best collected by Donald Mack at old Investment Centre Bookstore, which was the largest investment bookstore in history. Baumring, Mackís partner, then added to this exceptional list, his own specific selections and recommendations that he required for the study of his own seminar course series and for his private students, adding 100ís of other important books in tangential fields to financial analysis, More of these books are listed in our Scientific and Metaphysical Category lists, creating the most complete collection of important source works in the field of Technical or Scientific Analysis, Gann Theory and Cosmological Economics, the cutting edge field of interaction between universal phenomena and financial markets. For anyone serious about developing a deep understanding of the financial markets, whether it be just for practical trading or deep theoretical research, we are sure you will find our collection of titles to unsurpassed by any other source in the world.
W.D. Gann Works
The Master Forecaster & Grandfather of Cosmological Economics
W. D. Gannís private courses represent the most important of all of Gannís writings, and go into much greater detail than his public book series, with which most people are only acquainted. They should be carefully studied in their full detail, as they contain the deepest insights into Gannís theories ever presented. Stock traders must be sure to study all the commodity courses and vice versa, since Gann often put techniques that applied to all markets in only one or another course.

We stock the complete collection of the works of W.D. Gann, both his courses and books. Our set of Gannís courses were initially collected and compiled by Dr. Baumring and Donald Mack in the 1980ís from dozens of original rare private course that were distributed by Gann throughout his career. Many people mistakenly think that Gann just wrote two courses called the Master Stock Course and Master Commodity Course. This couldnít be further from the truth! Each of Gannís ďcoursesĒ were actually small, ďsectionsĒ of a few pages to a few dozen pages, individually bound in paper folders. These various pieces were then compiled into different sets which he sold as various collections at different prices to different students over the decades. Some were more commonly sold to all students, while other were more secretive and sold only to close private students who often signed non-disclosure agreements, and paid exorbitantly high prices. It is these rarest pieces that make the difference between one collection and another.

The later courses Gann sold in the 1940ís and that he ďcalledĒ the Master Courses were nothing but various compiled collections of these smaller pieces, and would vary according to who purchased them and what price they paid, and were never set until after Gannís death when purchased by Ed Lambert. For instance, there are pieces that Gann advertised in the 1950ís as ďnewĒ like his Master Mathematical Formula for Market Predictions, or his rare #3 Master Time Factor Course which were never included in his ďMaster CoursesĒ, and similarly were never included with any of the Lambert Gann courses sold by Lambert or the Jonesí from the 60ís until now. So these ďmasterĒ courses are and have always been incomplete collections. Further, the Lambert Gann courses sold by Billy Jones through the turn of the century, were retyped and re-edited by Billy so that they did not provide the original unadulterated content that Gann produced, making them unreliable, edited versions. Our editions are exact facsimiles of the original copies sold by Gann, with no editing or adulteration of any kind.

Our 6 Volume set of Gannís Collected Writings was further supplemented by new finds of rare pieces, like those mentioned above, rediscovered by the Institute over the past 30 years since Baumringís death, and comprises the most complete and the only properly organized set of courses that are available. Gann has very particular sets that he sold only to his higher end clientele, placed in specific order to provide a particular logic to his work. Our collection maintains this order and includes a further collection of rare and historical courses, letters and private materials which make our collection the most complete and important collection available. Serious students of Gann should beware most ďsupposedĒ collections of Gannís writings as most are unauthorized, incomplete, and distorted representations of his work, and cannot be trusted. Our set it the most reliable set of Gannís unadulterated and most important work availableÖ
Gann Theory
Decoding The System & Techniques of the Master
While W.D. Gannís own original work is a critical element for any Gann researcherís collection, most people will find Gannís work to be extremely vague, complicated and difficult to penetrate on their own. In our experience, it can take many years, if not decades for the ordinary analyst to, by themselves, digest and apply the deeper techniques of Gannís, without significant help by well-seasoned analysts and traders who have dedicated years to decoding and creating practical tools from Gannís techniques. This is why there is a fundamental and valuable secondary market of works presenting and developing Gannís ideas, and making them accessible to any trader. We believe that the best teachers in this field are not competitors, but are fellow contributors to an ongoing field of research, and that their work is mutually supportive and will provide expanded insights when more material is understood.

We maintain the largest collection of secondary works on Gann Theory of anyone in the field. Many of these books we publish ourselves, and are written by top Gann experts and experienced Gann traders from across the world. However, we also review works written by other Gann experts across the field, and add to our catalog any material we consider to be of high quality and importance from the global community of Gann analysts. With our experience in the field, we are well qualified and to provide a peer review of these materials, so as to filter out the best quality work from that of a lower caliber, and then present these to our clientele who demand the highest standards. So any book or course that you find in this catalog can generally be considered to be of the upper echelon of works on Gann analysis. We have new authors submit their research to us ongoingly, so that we are always adding new items to our catalog with fresh insights, alternative techniques or new ideas. In this way we are able to save our clients significant wasted funds in exploring the territory at their own cost.
Applied Gann Theory
Practical Trading Tools from the Masterís Toolbox
There are two quite different sides to Gann analysis, the deeply theoretical, seeking to understand the essence of the science behind Gannís market theory, the Law of Vibration, and the outright practical, looking for working tools and techniques that will help with applied trading. Though our greatest interest is in the cosmological theory behind Gannís work, and the universe in general, we also specialize on the practical tools that traders need to specifically analyze and trade the markets. Some Gann experts excel at theory, while others are simply practical traders who are less focused on ideas in deference to trading techniques. This category will specifically focus upon the books and courses that provide very specific and applied tools from Gannís toolbox used for real time trading. Some may explore deeper theoretical principles and some may just focus on pure trading tools, but this category will give working techniques to better fill the arsenal of any trader. We often recommend that new Gann students focus first on developing a practical trading ability, so that they can fund their future research with profits from their trades, and then also apply new insights from their theoretical study to their practical trading as they advance. This section will help to identify those most practical tools.
Gann Research
Background Research Source Works for Gann Analysis
The theories behind Gann Analysis go very deeply into many subjects across the fields of history, economics, science, metaphysics, ancient civilizations, occultism, astrology, numerology, astronomy, time cycles and much, much more. Gann himself left a Recommended Reading List which contains over 90 titles in esoteric topics, which lay the foundations for his research. Baumring extended that list of research titles to over 500, extending the topics into refined categories and detailed elaborations of every part of Gannís system. One does not necessarily need to read all of these book to understand Gann, but as people specialize in different element or techniques that Gann developed, the ability to have the most extensive collection of source works in each specific field can be critical to oneís research.

In reality, this entire website is dedicated to background source works and research materials critical to understanding, not only Gannís theories, but theories of universal cosmology applied to any subject. However, the books selected in this category have quite direct and specific applications to Gannís work and ideas that many researchers have found very useful for understanding specific elements of Gannís work. We have not included the actual books from Gannís Recommended Reading List here, since we have a separate listing for those, no have we included all of Baumringís recommendations, since those are also listed separately. But here we have collected an extremely important list of books that help to give deep insights into foundational principles behind Gann that will significantly speed up oneís research into any specific field relating to Gann.
Daniel Ferrera
Top Teacher of the Mechanics of Applied Gann Theory
Dan Ferrera is one of the most respected market analysts and educators in the Gann field. For 20 years his works have been some of the most popular in our catalog. Aside from being one of the clearest interpreters of Gann, he also has produced his own advanced work, The Spirals of Growth & Decay, developed prior to his analysis and presentation of Gannís theories. For those seeking a solid, Masterís Degree level education in technical Gann analysis, we cannot recommend anything more highly than Ferreraís works.

Ferrera has written detailed course on every angle of Gannís work and provides a fast track into a deep understanding of each field of Gannís work as well as advanced topics in technical analysis. He has works on cycles analysis, Gannís Square of 9, Gannís Mass Pressure Charts, one on risk management and Gannís swing trading system, another on the details of Gannís complex geometrical and mathematical tools, one on astrological Bible interpretation, on teaching how to create yearly forecasts like his own yearly Outlooks, which give a prediction for each year, and more. If you are wanting to get a first taste of Gann and to save yourself years of hard work putting together his ideas, Ferrera is a perfect place to start, and walking through his series of fantastic is like getting a Masterís degree in Gann and technical analysis.
Dr. Jerome Baumring
Cracking the Code of Gannís Law of Vibration
The work of Dr. Baumring is the core inspiration upon which this entire website is based. Baumring is the only known modern person to have cracked the code behind WD Gannís system of trading and market order. However, even further, Baumring rediscovered and elaborated the system of scientific cosmology at the root of Gannís Law of Vibration. There is absolutely no other Gann teaching that goes anywhere near as deep as Baumringís work, or that even so much as attempts to approach the core ideas developed by Baumring. This study is for those who are interested in the mysteries behind the markets and the ordering system behind the universe itself. This is the study of cosmological theory on its deepest level, and of the interaction between man and the cosmos in which he lives, explored through an examination of causation and propagation of forces in the financial markets.

Dr. Baumringís course program is not easy, and should not be approached without the willingness to commit at least a few years to the study. It is a long and detailed course, requiring the equivalent level of research and difficulty as most PhD programs, but in the field of Gann Analysis, which is not taught at any university. It requires many years of challenging work including the reading of many dozens (if not 100ís) of books required to develop the foundations needed to understand Gannís approach to the markets. It is a very serious study that should only be approached by those willing to dedicate themselves to intense thinking and vast research across many fields of knowledge including: astronomy, biology, physics, finance, cycles, wave mechanics, geometry, mathematics, astrology, numerology, number theory, numerous esoteric and alternative scientific theories, and much, much more. Baumring summarized his system by the term ďNumerical AstrophysicsĒ in an attempt to give a modern name to an ancient theory that Gann himself had discovered.

Of all the analysts and traders we have known, the most advanced have all come to their understanding through following the lead of Dr. Baumring, or through having gone through a similar and parallel study and path of research to his. His teachings represent the ďbest of the bestĒ of all material on Gann publicly available, but it will not give up its secrets to a mere superficial perusal. Baumring does not spell out simple explanations of how Gannís techniques work, but rather leads his students into the depth of the science behind the system, while slowly elaborating how the techniques build upon this deeper science. For those seeking a fast path to the application of Gann exoteric trading principles, this is NOT it! Baumringís work is not merely some market trading program, and indeed if approached this way may be found to be dissatisfactory.

Baumring himself often said to his students, ďIf you only are looking to make money, donít bother studying Gann, itís too difficult. Simply study swing trading systems, risk management and options strategies, and you can make all the money you want to make.Ē (Note: we have excellent books on these alternativesÖ) There are much easier and more direct methods to learn to effectively trade the markets than studying Gann. Those in more of a hurry to apply Gannís work to trading may want to begin with the work of Ferrera or one of our most applied analysts, like Prandelli or Gordon Roberts, and save the Baumring work for a later time to explore at your leisure.
Dr. Alexander Goulden
Scholarly Approach to Esoteric Technical Analysis & Advanced Financial Astrology
Dr. Goulden takes a different approach to market analysis than most normal traders and educators. As a Cambridge educated scholar, Goulden is interested in deep principles and in exploring the foundations and implications of both trading techniques and the systems behind them. Before he was ever interested in the markets, he was asked by a friend why Gannís tools and system are considered to be based upon metaphysical principles. He found this question intriguing and engaged in deep research in the field to answer this question. In this process he recreated a new set of tools based upon principles of Ancient Geometry and Celestial Mechanics. His tools are taken from the same sources as Gannís and are quite powerful, but are slightly different from Gannís, so that traders often use them as non-correlated cross-confirmation tools giving similar technical indications but from different perspectives.

His work is deep and has many layers of application and exploration that can be derived from it. His latest work on financial astrology, The Secrets of the Chronocrators, looks back to the astrological and astronomical systems of the ancients, reviving the more mathematical and technical astrology of the Great Masters of the medieval and prior times. Exploring principles like Spherical Astronomy and subtle movements of the Solar System, it seeks to develop a more advanced and scientific system of astrology determination as distinguished from the simpler forms that are generally known. It represents a new movement to re-explore the deeper scientific systems of the ancients that were lost in the press towards the development of a purely mechanical science.

Goulden is a superb educator and the most active Forum moderator that we have seen, with each of his Forums for his courses having 1000ís of posts with detailed questions and answers, deviling deeply into further and new fields of research beyond what is presented in his courses. His Online Forums serve as an advanced classroom where the details of his theories are discussed and elaborated and where students share their research and work with each other while overseen by Goulden, who continually presents new ideas and suggestions.
Hasbrouck Space and Time
Solar Field Force Theory of Market Analysis
One of our great historical discoveries is the Hasbrouck Space-Time Archives, a collection of rare research materials and forecast letters lost for over 30 years. This research develops a new theory of market influence based upon Solar Field Force Theory that was developed during the birth of the space age. The Hasbroucks were deeply connected to the esoteric and financial market communities from the 1920ís through the 1970ís, and contributed a new and recontextualized presentation of information taken from older original esoteric sources. They present a new field of study of solar phenomena, space weather prediction, earthquake prediction and market forecasting.

Muriel Hasbrouck was the inspiring force behind the research, which a foundation in Theosophy and trained as a classical pianist, she pursued an interest in original source works in astrology, through the turn of the 19th century into the early 20ís. She studies with greats like Walter Russell, Paul Foster Case, Aleister Crowley, and Israel Regardie within the esoteric fields. In the market realms she was close with many of the great analysts of her day like Edson Gould, Edward Dewey, Hamilton Bolton, SA Nelson, and more. She and her husband Louis produced a well-received forecasting letter for 30 years called Space Time Forecasting of Economic Trends, and are now quite famous for forecasting the exponential bull market of the 90ís and subsequent crash 50 years in advance! Their theories of Solar influence upon human and earthly experience through geomagnetic influences still lie at the cutting edge of scientific speculation.
Financial Forecasting Based Upon Cosmological Economics
Cosmological Economics is the subject which is the Key focus of this website. Having its origins in Gannís Law of Vibration, as interpreted and extended by the work of Dr. Jerome Baumring, the subject looks at scientific phenomena as providing a basis of at least correlation, if not causation, behind financial market phenomena. This theory posits that there is a sort of symbiotic relationship between motions and forces in the cosmos and the reactions to those influences on Earth that affect financial markets.

The simplest example of such an idea would be the influence of the Sun upon weather patterns, which then in turn can cause good weather vs. floods or droughts causing either stable commodity prices or scarcity with extreme price fluctuations. Weather patterns can also affect entire regions of countries or specific businesses or industries according to similar effects. Another example would be how solar flares can wipe out communication systems, electrical grids, satellites, and more causing millions or billions of dollarsí worth of damage.

However, these are what we would call more exoteric influences. There are many current studies of how both solar and cosmic phenomena, like cosmic rays and particles can influences the planet, organic matter and human brains causing all sorts of changes that we are only now becoming aware of. Even the Federal Reserve has articles on its website examining the correlation between sun spot cycles and the financial markets. Things like the Business Cycle which is a commonly accepted phenomena, is not clearly understood, and there has yet to be a clear underlying source for its cause. Our premise is that there is a much stronger relationship between cosmic phenomena and advanced fields of physics and cosmology than has been considered in the past, which merits serious analysis. This category contains many of the best works on this subject.
Technical Analysis
Techniques for Analyzing Markets Using Charts
Technical Analysis is a style of financial market analysis which uses charts for doing a form of analysis using technical tools and mathematical measurements to read those charts, in order to determine expected directional movements, reverses or changes in the market. Advanced forms of this seek to use mathematical and scientific or geometric tools to project market action or forecast future movement, looking at elements of price, time and trend.

In contradistinction to Technical Analysis there is what is called Fundamental Analysis, which looks purely at the fundamentals behind a stock or other market based upon economic factors, supply and demand, or other such simplistic concepts as the causative factor behind market action. Technical Analysis is not concerned with these background principles, but instead looks at the structure and form of market charts as providing the necessary content for analysis, much like looking at the human body through tests of chemical compositions, EEG frequencies, heart rate, and other such physiological measurements to read itís health. Similarly measurements on charts can determine the similar health of a market from a technical perspective.

Our collection of rare books and courses covers many of the Old Masters from the Golden Age of Technical Analysis, approximately from 1910 through 1950, and were mostly selected by Dr. Jerome Baumring as the examples of this theory and practice, providing the most important foundational techniques for the study of deeper cosmological economics, which explain the causes behind the markets. While Technical Analysis does not explain the causes behind market action, its methodologies and principles provide the proper toolset and approach to measuring, calculating and forecasting market action in conjunction with a deeper understanding of scientific causation.
AstroEconomics - Financial Astrology
Forecasting Financial Markets with Astrology
We have one of the largest collections of works on Financial Astrology, also called Astroeconomics in the world. Since there is a close correlation between Astrological Economics and Cosmological Economics, the former being a subset of the latter, we find these studies to be very important in developing wider theories of causation. Our catalog contains most works written on the subject that are of any value.
Position Trading
Tools & Techniques for Intermediate Term Trading
There are a number of different approaches to trading beginning with the time window upon which one focuses. Position trading is the approach that was most recommended by both Gann and Baumring because they believed that the greatest profits were made in finding significant turning points after which a strong trend would follow, so that one could make the largest profits with the lowest risk the most quickly. Baumring used to say that there were generally only about 4 good trades per year in any market, his focus being on the largest trends where the market really moved strongly. He commented that many markets would go into congestion zones of accumulation or distribution where one may stay out of them for years waiting for a new trend to start. In the meantime one trades other markets that do have established trends. Gann taught the exact same principles on his higher level, saying that the MOST money was always made in following a strong trend.

This category of books presents tools and techniques that are most useful for identifying and trading larger turning points and strong trends, where the greatest money can be made with the least risk. Another benefit of this approach is that it takes the least amount of time to accomplish, and the least amount of analysis. Whereas an intraday trader must sit and stare at a screen all day, a position trader can almost watch his positions on a weekly level without much risk, using trailing stops to exit his positions, or having specific time windows or price levels heís identified that he is simply waiting for. Key books in this field would be Ferreraís Path of Least Resistance, and Robertís Market Vibrations, which both specialize in position trading strategies.
Trading Courses
Educational Programs Teaching Advanced Trading Techniques
As we continually explain on this website, there are two fundamental divisions of this financial study, the theoretical and the practical. Ultimately, the greatest theoretical understanding will lead to the deepest possible practical application, however, it is still possible to study and use excellent and very practical technical tools without any real theoretical understanding at all. Many of our books and courses are focused on such straight forward practical application, providing trading techniques, systems, tools and approaches that require very little theoretical knowledge or enough that can be quickly presented along with the techniques. These courses often present the more direct approach to simply making money through trading, which is the clear intent of many people.

For those with the desire to get right to applied trading, we suggest beginning in this section where you will find a selection of materials which apply to different markets, different time frames, strategies, approaches and the like, with something to fit just about anyoneís needs or requirements. There are plans for longer term investors, for swing traders, position traders, of even for day traders. Even many theorists often want to begin their studies with practical applications so that they can fund their deeper theoretical research with their trading profits. Courses in this section will show you how to do this. But of an even more detailed study plan for these specific intentions, see our Study Guides section, where we list programs for each different type of trading.
Trading Systems
Mechanical or Strategic Systems for Generating Profits in the Markets
This section contains material that are very much like the Trading Courses section, with the primary difference that these works present what we would call ďsystemsĒ where there is almost a form of automated trading plan or signal generation system. Sometimes there is some cross over between these two sections, because it is hard to find a system that requires no user interaction at all to follow the rules and place the orders, so there are degrees of automation that are possible with systems.

The most automated systems will generally require some kind of automated programming, where the system can be implemented without the subjective input of the user. These would be the closest thing to fully automated systems, must like Plapcianuís Atomic Trader App. Something like Walkerís How to Trade Like W. D. Gann, would be more of a user implemented system, but based upon a very specific set of rules developed by Gann for traders to follow. Gann called these his Mechanical Methods, and something like Ferreraís Keys to Successful Speculation, would be another example of a user based implementation system but based upon a clear and specific set of rules.
Trading Strategy
How to Develop Strategy & Game Plans for Trading
Any analyst, whether Fundamental or Technical, Gann Forecaster or swing trader, must have a clearly defined trading plan with specific rules that determine when to enter or exit a trade, position sizing, duration of trade, and what to do when you get a signal and trade setup. This part of managing a game plan requires a well thought out strategy based upon the input variables and consideration that is provided by any particular analytical methodology. Essentially this all boils down to STRATEGY! Strategy is a critical KEY to trading and every successful trader has a game plan and a strategy he trades by.

This section contains books which focus upon developing a strategy or game plan for trading. It is less on analysis techniques and more on rules for strategic approaches, trading vehicles, methodologies, etc. Every trader needs a strategy, which is the way that his analysis is applied to make profit. There are many different approaches for producing a game plan, and this section will help you to sort through this problem.
Market Forecasting
Predicting Future Trends, Timing & Action of Markets
You do not need to be able to forecast the market to trade successfully, but it sure does make it a lot easier. The Golden Fleece of financial analysis is the dream of making accurate forecasts far in advance. The most famous market analysts, like W. D. Gann were generally those who possessed an extraordinary talent at forecasting the markets into the future. This is a talent that careers are built off of and demonstrates a level of understanding of the underlying causes, forces, influences or tendencies behind the market unlike anything else there is.

There are numerous theories and approaches to market forecasting, from Gannís Law of Vibration, to cycle theory, to mathematical or geometric projections, to financial astrology, numerology, to even psychic abilities, the like of which were said to be had by some great traders like Jesse Livermore, who supposed by watchin his cat could tell where the market was going.

This section comprises works specifically about forecasting markets into the future and making predictions in advance of where markets will be in future times. This is the hardest part of market analysis so includes many of the best works which provide models of future price action.
Forecasting Services
Reports & Forecasts of Future Markets
Not everyone has the skill, experience or desire to make future forecasts of market phenomena. Many even lack the skill to do technical analysis so as to determine good trade setups or trends in the market. When this is the case, they often turn to other experts who have that talent and who provide information for sale that they can use to help make their decisions or to help them understand potential market trends and turns. Here you will find services, reports or tools that will provide actual information or predictions of market action. Some of our top analysts provide either yearly forecasts or more regular monthly reports and forecast letters or reports for different markets that will help traders to understand market action and to get educational guidance with their trading or investments.
Market Psychology
The Driving Forces Behind the Markets
Part of the theory of Cosmological Economics is that market fluctuations are a result or even a Barometer of Mass Human Psychology. As humans involved in a market experience either hope or fear, the market goes up or down, extreme fear can cause crashes and extreme hope can fuel strong bull markets. This section contains books that explore the psychological element behind the markets and the mass consciousness of people who comprise them. It also explores whether there are secondary influences which may cause fluctuations in that mass consciousness coming from some outside source, or from some sort of social or informational trends or influences in the world.

Another branch of market psychology is the actual psychology behind trading for the individual trader. It is often said that trading is a mental game that takes a very particular type of psychological makeup or training to learn the mental balance, poise and focus to trade without fear or distraction. One needs to be able to be decisive and clear and to pull the trigger when the time is right, and this requires a level of psychological stability and ability that not everyone possesses. This section also contains books on trading psychology and the skills necessary to master it in the markets.
Market Biography
Key Figures of Influence in Our Field
There are a lot of interesting historical figures in the field of this market theory, both old market masters, or the greats from the Goulden Age of Technical Analysis. There are also many figures from ancient times, older scientists and esotericists, all of whose biographies contribute to our field of knowledge. We are compiling biographies of these figures, where available, or histories of the market or fields which hey belong to, so as to provide more references and information on the subject in the fieldÖ
Market Geometry
Geometric Tools & Techniques of Market Analysis
Since technical analysis is based upon chart analysis, one of the primary tools used in it is geometry overlaid onto charts. This is one of the most fundamental principles of Gann Analysis, as Gann was one of the great inventors of the theory of Market Geometry. Gann developed what are know as Gann Angles as one technique used to measure the slope of market movements, though there are far deeper implications behind these tools than just support and resistance measuring lines as many assume. Once one learns how to ďsquare a chartĒ which means properly balancing the price and time axes to represent the proper balance or relationship of the two scales, one is then able to properly use many projection techniques which will not otherwise work. Gannís Mathematical Calculators (as shown in image) are an even more advanced tool for this methodology, plotting a grid upon the chart which graphs the underlying structure of market movement.

There are other great and famous authors who also work with Market Geometry like Dr. Alan Andrews who developed a series of engineering based tools to geometrically measure market action using what he called Pitchforks and Median Lines, as well as another type of geometrical angle, similar to Gannís. He developed a superb toolbox of geometrical technqiues which are some of the best in the field. There are other authors like Dr. Alexander Goulden who have also devloped arsenals of techniques based upon Ancient Geometry which are very powerful and work beautifully in conjunction with these others. There is no question but geometrical analyitical techniques provides some of the most powerful and valuable techniques in any traders toolbox.
Market Software
Programmed Tools & Software for Market Analysis
Since so much of technical analysis requires relatively sophisticated measurements and calculations repeated over and over again, using software to produce these tools can save much time and allow for a wider range of applications. This does not mean that traders should not experiment with hand charting and the application of their tools by hand, as must is to be learnt through such practices, as all the original traders and analysts who developed these techniques originally did them all by hand before the invention of the computer.

But when one understands the essence of the tools, having easier methods of application can be of great value. We have carefully reviewed and selected a group of critical pieces of software that we most recommend for market analysis. This software provides essential tools and techniques geared towards Gann, geometric, astronomical, cycles or other related topics that we most use. Market Analyst software is our top selection for a full analytical and trading package that contains everything the advanced analyst and trader will need, including the largest set of pre-programmed Gann and Astro tools, as well as an integrated trading interface, programming language, and even specifically programmed modules that accompany some of our specific courses. We have other specialized software packages that do other specific functions that are useful for different applications.
Market History
Stories & History of the Old Market
The stock and commodity markets is a deep and rich field full of fascinating history that stretches over millennia. From the Bible where Joseph predicted 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine, to long histories of floods, disasters, bubbles, panics, economic booms and busts, the rise and falls of governments, industries, civilizations, wars and peace, all of these things influence and determine the ebbs and flows of financial markets and their influences.

Further, there are stories of sun spots, planetary changes, weather cycles, volcanoes, earthquakes, solar variances, and much more that are considered in financial markets. Gann himself has a chart of Wheat that extended back to 65 BC and Baumring took it back another 1000 years to 1200 BC. The point being that in our field, history, long and detailed history, plays a critical role in looking at long term trends, cycles and repeating variables which influences cultures, societies and civilizations. The Bible says, ďthere is nothing new under the sun,Ē so a study of what has been is critical in understanding what may become again.
Market Science
Scientific Rules & Techniques for Market Analysis
Just as market geometry provides a fundamental analytical template for our approach to analyzing charts and financial markets, we can extend that perspective to include multiple branches of science, which this category contains. Mathematical techniques of momentum, moving averages, pattern formation, and numerous variations of indicators measuring energy, speed, momentum, power, strength, impulse, gravity centers, electro-magnetism, and much more. These tools may look at solar phenomena, geomagnetic field influences, aether physics, vortex systems, Chaos Theory, game theory, vibration, wave mechanics and many more such topics.

In the field of Cosmological Economics, since we see the markets as natural phenomenon, something living that exists in space/time, the product of mass human psychology, we understand that markets grow like all other natural phenomena, governed by laws of order, growth and form, much like the human body, a plant or a shell is governed by the forces under which it exists. Therefore, the use of scientific observational and measuring tools to understand and predict it is a base assumption of our field, and most any scientific tool which is applied to other realms of nature can similarly be applied here. Like the principle of the placement of leaves on plants, Phyllotaxis, can be similarly seen to encode a sequence of phi based or Fibonacci growth phenomena in the financial markets. From our perspective, all things in the universe are subject to the same laws of order, one must just uncover what those laws are, then one will understand the ordering process of all things.
Market Timing
Reading & Predicting Turning Pointsi in Time
There are two fundamental elements in the structure of reality, space and time, and in the markets these are price and time. Therefore, time is a KEY element to fall reality and one of the two most fundamental elements of market phenomena, if not THE most important. Gann always said that Time is the most important variable. If you know exactly WHEN to place your trades, when the market will turn, top, bottom, react or breakout, you will be able to trade or invest with great precision. However, understanding time factors and variables in the market is not an easy thing to accomplish. In fact, it is one of the greatest challenges, that only the top experts truly understand.

In all theories of market analysis besides CosmoEconomics, Gann and cycle theory, it is almost considered impossible to ever know the when of the market. But using the sophisticated techniques that we develop, using geometry, time cycles, astronomical influence and many more advanced techniques, determining time points becomes possible. This category will focus on the time element in the market, presenting theories and techniques that will allow one to read and predict current and future turning points in Time.
Day Trading
Tools & Techniquesfor Short Term Intraday Trading
There are a number of different approaches to trading beginning with the time window upon which one focuses. Day trading or intraday trading focuses on a very short time window, trading the intraday swings throughout the day, and generally not holding positions overnight. This very short term trading is not something that was recommended by Gann or Baumring because as the most efficient method, but many people in todayís electronic world like this short term, high frequency trading.

Just because Gann did trade prefer this does not mean his techniques do not work on this level. Most Technical Analysis, Geometric and Scientific Analysis will work perfectly well on the very short term, since our theory sees time frames much like fractals, where the same patterns exist on every time frame whether very small or very large. In fact, these forms of analysis are really the only thing that works on very short time frames because all you generally have there are technical swings. Things like financial astrology generally do not work so well here, because there are not so many influences that fall within such short time frames. But most other work will apply here, with the understanding that the it is really the larger time frames that determine the main swings and turns in the market.
Swing Trading
Tools & Techniques for Following the Reversing Market Swings
There are a number of different approaches to trading beginning with the time window upon which one focuses. Swing Trading works to capture the sequential short to intermediate term swings in the market, following that general changing trend and trading it in each direction. Swing Trading can be applied to different time levels from intraday to long term, but usually focuses more upon time periods from a few days to weeks, following the general market trend. Most such systems use a kind of position reversal systems, which tells when the market is or has changed direction, and it generally attempts to trade both short and long as the market changes directions.

W. D. Gann did teach Swing Trading as the first introductory technique that he gave his new students. His theory was that Swing Trading presented a relatively easy methodology that anybody can learn to follow through a series of simple rules that determine trade placement and strategy. Gann always taught his students to swing trade before he would begin to teach them to forecast. Timothy Walkerís course, How to Trade Like WD Gann, presents an excellent introduction and thorough analysis of Gannís Swing Trading theory and techniques, following his own instructions step by step showing how it works. Ferreraís Keys to Successful Speculation presents a more advanced form of Gannís swing theory adapted for modern markets and including the foundational principles of risk management. Daniele Prandelliís Polarity Factor System also presents an excellent swing trading methodology that Prandelli uses across a half dozen markets.
Forex Trading
Tools & Techniques for Trading Currency Markets
In recent years, Forex has become one of the most popular exchanges traded by many small and large traders. Forex swings generally are not as volatile and dangerous as other commodities since currency relationships generally do not fluctuate so rapidly. Some people also like that Forex trades 24 hours a day during the week, so they are not so limited by trading hours. This category will list techniques, tools and systems that are particularly focused upon or applied to trading the currency markets, or principles that work very well in these exchanges. Since Forex is essentially a commodity, these markets follow the same rules as other commodities, so need to different type of analysis. All normal forms of Gann analysis will work just fine for the Forex exchange, and our list will provide alternative tools and techniques than those that are more commonly found in todayís Forex systems and techniques.
Stock Trading
Tools & Techniques for Trading Stock Markets
In Gannís day there were really only two primary focuses for trading, either stocks or commodities. As such, his courses were generally categorized as either stock or commodity focused. However, with Gann there was a bit of a trick to his labeling of his courses, because in truth, all principles taught for stock would equally apply to commodities, and vice versa. So stock traders who thought they did not need to read Gannís commodity courses would end up missing out on many important techniques that were only taught in the other series, and the same was true the other way around. So one should never limit oneís exploration of these different fields, for in truth, all markets are similar phenomena and the same techniques will work equally for both. This section contains works which most particularly focus upon or are applied to trading the equity markets and individual stocks, or which discuss exclusively the stock market, bit will not present the common works on this subject popular today, but instead specializes in technical books that provide valuable techniques with a scientific or more esoteric perspective.
Grain Trading
Tools & Techniques for Trading Grain Markets
In the commodity market field, Gann gave a lot of attention to the grain markets, and in particular Wheat, Corn and Soybeans, the latter which he called the King, since the swings were so clear and tradable in Beans. Wheat was the market where there was more long term data than any other, and Gann had a Wheat chart that went back to 65 BC, which Baumring extended back to 1200 BC. With such long historical data, Wheat became the premier market to study long term cycles, and that gave it a particular important in analysis. Another interesting and unique quality of the grain markets is that they are particularly affected by weather patterns, a secondary phenomenon which can also be studied and analyzed. Gann used to fly his plan around the mid-west and study the crops to help predict their potential price swings in the coming year. So a large number of Gannís works use the Grain markets as their example, and many other important works on technical analysis written during the Golden Age, focus on these crops as well, since they were a major industry in the US at that time. This section contains works which most particularly focus upon or are applied to trading the grain markets, or which discuss exclusively the Wheat, Corn, Soybean or other grain markets. However, our catalog will not present the common works on this subject, but specializes in books that provide valuable techniques with a scientific analytical perspective.
Options Trading
Tools, Strategies & Techniques for Trading Options
There are two most commonly used approaches to trading vehicles, trading the actual underlying stock or commodity contract, vs. using a secondary derivative like an option. Options provide many very useful benefits, like locking in the limit of your risk, since you can never lose any more money than the cost of the option you purchase, whereas a stock market can crash rapidly, close for days, and open back up leaving your wiped out, or in debt if you are trading on margin. Similarly, commodities will often have what are called ďlock limitĒ days where for a sequence of days the market moves the maximum limit allowed without allowing a single trade to be processed. This can cause the market to leap your stops and since all futures are generally traded on margin, can quickly bankrupt the trader. Also, with the current volatility of the market and overnight trading, many traders are afraid to hold positions overnight, but options can remove that problem giving a safe way to hold open positions without fear of extreme volatility.

These risk management benefits are one strong selling point for options traders, but really represent only a small point of their greater value, which is to be found in their strategic capabilities and potential to place low risk, highly leveraged trades. The beauty of options is that thought an understanding of their various types and the strategies that can be used in combining them for various uses in differing trade setups, larger profits can often be made within clearly defined risk parameters. This section contains a collection of works that present various options strategies which will help a trader to develop new methods of trading using these useful vehicles. Gann himself used options for his trading and wrote two different small courses on them.
Commodity Trading
Tools & Techniques for Trading Commodity Markets
In Gannís day, there were really only two primary focuses for trading, either stocks or commodities. As such, his courses were generally categorized as either stock or commodity focused. However, with Gann there was a bit of a trick to his labeling of his courses, because in truth, all principles taught for stock would equally apply to commodities, and vice versa. So stock traders who thought they did not need to read Gannís commodity courses would end up missing out on many important techniques that were only taught in the other series, and the same was true the other way around. So one should never limit oneís exploration of these different fields, for in truth, all markets are similar phenomena and the same techniques will work equally for both. This section contains works which most particularly focus upon or are applied to trading the commodity, Forex or futures markets, or which discuss exclusively the commodities markets. Our list will not present the common works on this subject, but specializes in books that provide valuable techniques with a scientific approach to analysis, based upon Gann or Cosmological Economics. Since many futures are products that are at the influence of natural factors, these markets often are even more easily analyzed by tools developed by Gann or cosmologically based tools which may affect weather or other such elements.
Chart Analysis
Techniques for Analyzing Market Charts
In a sense you could say that all technical and scientific analysis IS chart analysis, since it is almost impossible to do such analysis with looking at the chart of a market. Charts are considered to show the actual body of a particular market, how it grows and decays, the phases of its evolution, the ages of its life, what it did and how it looked during those times. It is THE summational record of every tiny bit of life and information about that creature, and of what every person thinking and feeling about it through the buying and selling it did over that time. Essentially, the chart of a market IS THE BODY of that entity, and without the chart, it is hard to know anything at all about it.

Therefore, the first and foremost thing of importance in all technical or scientific analysis is to obtain as much clean data as is available in order to produce as long a chart history as is possible in any market. Gann had Wheat charts going back to 65 BC and Baumring took it back to 1200 BC. It is through such extended data sets that one can analyze extremely long term cycles and discover waves, patterns and intervals that might otherwise never be seen. It allows one to investigate the market through periods of strife or good times to see how it behaved in different social and cultural settings. Chart patterns are much like a sort of DNA code, so the more of it you have, the more you can read about that market. The books in this category particularly focus on the use of charts for analysis of financial markets.
Elliot Wave
Source Works & Related Titles on Elliot Wave Theory
In the 1930ís Ralf Nelson Elliot, an accountant by trade, produced a theory of the markets based upon a sequential set of impulse and reactive waves, which he said were determined by Natureís Law, that have since become known as Elliot Wave Theory. His generalized sequence of 3 upward impulse waves, each separated by a reaction, followed by 2 downward waves separated by a rally, give the base 5 wave up, 3 waves down Elliot count. There are variations upon this count with extensions which make the seeming simplicity of the structure more complex, but this field centers upon the general concept that the markets have an orderly action of advances and declines which fall into determinable sequences, which can allow a trader to see a sort of roadmap of the markets and understand where it will potentially go as a result of this insight.

Our collection contains exact facsimile reproductions of Elliotís original works and articles, as well as a number of further supportive or analytical works, or alternative works presenting different theories or alternative approaches to wave structures in the market such as Ferreraís Spirals of Growth & Decay, or Bayerís Egg of Columbus. This section will have related works as well as background research material which will better help to elaborate such theories. Elliot himself was interested in the measurements of the Great Pyramid and Fibonacci ordering systems as founds in plants and nature, so a study of these subjects will help to understand his ideas.
Time Cycles
Repeating Time Patterns in The Market
Time cycles are one of the most important elements underlying Cosmological Economic theory and Gann theory, positing a collection of underlying vibratory forces of some kind which make up the composite structures of the stock market. The understand of cycles is as old as history itself, with even ancient books like the Bible discussing cycles of time and encoding long sequences of time periods. Market cycles have been theorized about since the beginning of market analysis and have provides some of the best and simplest models of behavior behind market action.

Gann was a great proponent of time cycles and his private courses delineate a series of critical time periods, the frequencies of which were most dominant in market action. Edward Dewey, founder of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, created the largest database of cyclical phenomena and cycle lengths ever, and students of the Foundation for decades now have continued to develop these ideas. We publish the only available edition of Deweyís course How to Make a Cycle Analysis, which along with Ferreraís Wheels within Wheels, provide some of the best cycles models available. For a less market orientated theory of cycles as related to harmonics our Translation Society edition of Hans Kayserís Textbook of Harmonics presents the most advanced theory of harmonic vibration as the basis of universal theory out there. We have a large collection of source works on cycle theory from may perspectives.
Betting on Markets for Profit
Speculation is the trading of positions in markets for the sole purpose to make money. It is a secondary industry from general investing in stocks or producer trading in commodities where individuals seeking profit buy and sell with no fundamental interest in the underlying market. This is extremely common today, and the concept of Speculation is almost more of an historic concept, as it is used more often in older books from the earlier ages of the markets. Since we publish many more historical works, this term is more common in many of their titles, like Gannís own, Speculation a Profitable Profession.

There have often been sever criticisms of speculation and speculators as parasites who produce no value and serve no real purpose in the market. However it has been demonstrated that without the larger group of speculators in the markets, liquidity tends to dry up and the market loses the fluidity that it has with them involved.
George Bayer
Esoteric Market Master & Theorist
Bayer was one of the most important old market masters after Gann. Like Gann, he was deeply into metaphysical cosmology and developed advanced systems of analysis and forecasting based upon principles such as astrology, cosmology and esoteric theory, taking many ideas from the Bible and works from ancient civilizations. He was interested in principles of ancient geometry, like the squaring of the circle, and celestial mechanics. He developed tools like his famous Bayer Ellipse, which were used to study and predict market phenomena. He possessed a legendary market record and ability that only after Gann is pursued with the desire to crack the mystery of his deeper wisdom. Like Gann he also wrote with veils and underlying hidden meanings. Books like his 17 page Egg of Columbus were sought out for astronomical prices before being more commonly published, as containing hidden mysteries, that people still struggle to solve. His George Wollsten: Expert Stock and Grain Trader is a market classic, a semi-autobiographical story of his life as in immigrant in America and the development of his market wisdom. Like Gann, Bayer is a great enigma with a deeper meaning requiring great study to uncover. This section contains works by or about George Bayer, along with source works referred to by Bayer or related to his work.
Alan Andrews
The Great Market Geometer
Dr. Alan Andrews is one of the greatest market geometers of the Golden Age of Technical Analysis. Originally a student of the great Roger Babson, one of the first billionaires, who developed a market analysis system based upon the principles of Newtonís law of attraction, Andrews, an engineer, developed an original and excellent collection of geometrically based tools extremely useful for analyzing the technical positions and movements of the markets. His ML Line and Pitchfork and quite famous and can be found in most software programs.

However, there are numerous tools of Andrews with which many people are still unfamiliar, like his system of Angles, and advanced geometrical principles which extend his geometrical theories to more advanced levels. We publish a collection of rare original papers, newsletters and charts by Dr. Andrews that help to give deeper insight into his fascinating work.
Horse Racing and Gambling
Systems for Predicting or Betting on Horse Racing or Gambling
Many people who develop theories and techniques for market speculation often also develop an interest in the possibility of forecasting or betting on horse races. In fact, many of the studies, particularly astrological and numerological, have more cross over between these two fields than any other subjects. Often betting on races, or for that matter, any kind of game where you can obtain time data about the event and participants as well as possible biographical date like birthdates which allow one to make horoscopes will allow for the application within these fields. These systems could similarly be used to bet on Football, Soccer, or many other kinds of sports where the requisite data is readily available.

Gann himself has some horse racing books on his Recommended Reading list, more for betting systems, but also studied works by those like Sepharial, whose Arcana & Keys also focused on astro-numerological horse race betting. We have collected a number of system that apply either to the markets to betting on the races.
Long Term Investing
Tools & Techniques for Investing Over the Longer Term
The time window upon which one focuses is one of the first considerations on must make when choosing the proper literature to achieve oneís goal. For a longer term investor, the principles used by a swing trader are not going to be that useful because they will be too short term, except at the point where a major trend is reversing. The methods used by a position trader probably WILL be of great importance to the long term investor because he will want to know when he can expect his greatest returns, and when he needs to exit or hedge his position for a potentially significant counter trend movement.

Much of Gannís work does focus on long term market movements, as Gann was always trying to see the BIG picture of the market first and foremost. In Gannís analysis he looked at 100ís of years (if not 1000ís) of history, seeking long term cycles to know that largest possible trends of the markets. Using these cycles one could know the ideal times to invest and times to sit out due to the changing cycles of time. Some of our best work on this subject would be Ferreraís Economic & Stock Market Forecasting, which focuses on analyzing these longer term trends and sequences. The Hasbroucks were also excellent at identifying the long term patterns behind the market. This category will provide a selection of top works on the subject.
Law of Vibration
Gannís System of Cosmology Behind the Markets
The Law of Vibration is the name give by W. D. Gann to his system of science which underlies market influence. This is truly a system of cosmology, or as he said Natural Science, the name by which general science was called in the late 1800ís when Gann first developed his theories. The difference between those times and now was that scientests 130 years ago were more generalists rather than sepcializsts, so were more qualified to understand the interaction of different systems of science. That made them better capable of seeing relatinships between astronomy and biology, or psychology and led them to see understanding of relatioships that have been all but lost today. This subject iincludes many scientific and esoteric works going deeply into many important subjects related to vibration and cosmology, like: harmonics, cycles, space-time, multi-dimensionality, Relativity, mathematical and geometrical order, Chaos Theory and cosmology as it relates to causative systems of order behind the markets. We consider this a to be a primary reference and research section for those studying the deeper elements of Gann analysis, and seeking an understanding of the science and mechanics behind Gannís theories.
Weather Forecasting
Alternative Methods of Forecasting Weather
Another field that has always been of interest to esoteric forecasters is the weather. Most people are aware that until recently weather forecasting was so poor that any better idea about how it worked was hungrily grasped at. For more than a century, astrological weather forecasting was a method that was of great interest to astrologers, and often to market analysts as well, as these results would have a strong influence upon the potential prices of crops. George McCormack wrote a book called Long Range Astro-weather Forecasting which is considered one of the better classics, which we have been the sole publisher of since Baumringís day. Another aut hor from the Gann List A.J. Pearce also wrote some sections on weather forecasting which are old classics.

Newer studies on the effect of the Sun upon the Earth and climate, as well as grander theories which correlate galactic theories with changing weather and temperature patterns on the earth over millions of years are becoming more important as the debate over the cause of climate change continues to heat up. Modern researchers who are not familiar with longer term cyclical patterns and of the powerful effects of solar and solar system science will find much to learn from these studies.
Gann Reading List
A Collection of Books Compiled by Gann for His Students
Sometime in the 1940ís Gann published a 2-page list of Books for Sale that he stocked and sold to his students. This list is knows as W. D. Gannís Recommended Reading list, and it contains about 90 books, some being multi-volume sets, which he considered important enough to stock himself and sell to his students. It is well known by advanced Gann researchers that each one of these books contains some component of Gannís system of knowledge which his essential for piecing together his system. Many less in the know see them as a list of older books not so important to market analysis, and those people would be quite wrong. Sometimes one book may have just one simple idea that Gann used or concept that was critical to his perspective.

In the 1980ís Dr. Baumring was the first one to compile and reprint a large section of this list, comprising about 70 of the 90 titles, the other 20 of which were simply so rare that they were almost impossible to find. In the 30 years since Baumringís passing, we have discovered the remaining 20 volumes so that we are in possession of the only complet set of these recommended works in the world. We have release all but the last 4 of them which we will soon add to our catalog. We also include on our list some other good books by the authors on the Gann list, since he did not always list every book they wrote, though they wrote others on the same or similar subjects which were often quite important.

These books fall into 3 categories, Astrology, Numerology, and General Esoteric, comprising metaphysical source works which present key elements behind Gannís theories. Serious Gann researchers like Dr. Baumring consider it essential for EVERY Gann student to study EVERY work on this list, in order to understand what principle in each work is essential for explaining Gannís theory. We strongly recommend that any student desiring to study the complete theory of Gann obtain a complete collection of these works for their long term study.
Baumring Financial List
Market Books Recommended by Dr. Baumring for His Students
Just as Gann compiled a Recommended Reading List for his students, Dr. Baumring also compiled a number of long reading lists for his seminar study course, as well as others for his Private Students. Baumringís lists were much more comprehensive than Gann, covering all areas of the markets, sciences and metaphysical fields, and including many critical works that one would have expected Gann to have included on his lists, though he did not. Baumring was an intensive scholar who read 1800 words a minute and had a photographic memory, so he was able to digest books much more quickly than most, and as such, collected a much larger set of source works for his study. Baumring had a 10,000 volume library, though not all those books would have been essential for the research into Gann analysis, but from that larger collection, Baumring still had around 500 books which he referred to at different times to specialize in different topics to greater levels of expertise. Of course, it is not necessary to read all of these books to understand Gann, but those wanting to deeply explore particular fields will find Baumringís recommendations to be the best out there, since they cover topics that most people are unfamiliar with.

This list comprises the works he selected on the financial markets for his students to study as having key elements required for understanding the Baumringís technical market theories which most closely applied to Gann Theory and Cosmological Economics. Interestingly, almost all of these books predate the 1960ís, as Baumring considered the best of technical analysis to have been done prior to that period, and that most modern works were nothing but watered down regurgitations of better works by their predecessors. Of the 1000ís of books in his library he only selected about 100 book on the financial markets that he considered of any real value for the development of his theories. Those books you will find on this list.
Golden Age
Works From the Golden Age of Technical Analysis
The Golden Age of Technical Analysis is a period beginning around 1910 through about 1960, where the greatest thinkers within the field of financial market analysis lived and developed the foundational principles of the entire modern theory of technical market analysis. These great luminaries and brilliant individuals possessed a creativity and insight into the markets that has been all but lost today. These essential source works will provide a foundational education to anyone seeking to go into the depths of charts and analysis from the ground up. Dr. Baumring selected the best of the best works from this important field for his students to study, since he believed there was no on better to study from than the great masters themselves. This category lists the books by these great figures of the past which have as much value for students of today as they did back in their own day.
Market Barometers
Indicators Which Read Market Energy
There is a type of tool that provides a quick an easy insight into the general conditions of the market by synthesizing some form of information or combinations of information into a simple and easy to read indicator that serves to give a summational understanding of general market conditions of potential direction. These indicators are often based upon different sorts of technical information, from astrological signals, like Bradleyís Siderograph, or Scotts Astronomical Market Barometer, to technical elements of the market like whether it is overbought or oversold. There are many such tools and different people have inclinations to read different combinations of them in different ways. Many of our authors or favorite books have found intelligent way to summarize their insights into simple barometers and this category collects these types of tools together.
Baumring Reading List
Books Recommended by Dr. Baumring for His Students
Just as Gann compiled a Recommended Reading List for his students, Dr. Baumring also compiled a number of long reading lists for his seminar study course, as well as others for his Private Students. Baumringís lists were much more comprehensive than Gann, covering all areas of the markets, sciences and metaphysical fields, and including many critical works that one would have expected Gann to have included on his lists, though he did not. Baumring was an intensive scholar who read 1800 words a minute and had a photographic memory, so he was able to digest books much more quickly than most, and as such, collected a much larger set of source works for his study. Baumring had a 10,000 volume library, though not all those books would have been essential for the research into Gann analysis, but from that larger collection, Baumring still had around 500 books which he referred to at different times to specialize in different topics to greater levels of expertise.

Of course, it is not necessary to read all of these books to understand Gann, but those wanting to deeply explore particular fields will find Baumringís recommendations to be the best out there, since they cover topics that most people are unfamiliar with. This list contains all of the works that Baumring recommended to his students across all fields which we stock or reprint for continuing students or researchers. A more complete list of Baumringís recommended books that we do not have in our catalog is provided in the Private Baumring Forums available for registered Baumring students. We have selected the most important works to keep in our catalog, and are continually stocking or reprinting more to make the most complete collection of critical resources available in the world. We have also begun to stock PDF books that are less expensive and more portable so as to widen the catalog and make the greatest number of titles easily accessible to serious researchers.
Risk Management
The Most Important Principle for All Trading
They say in the professional industry that there are 3 rules to successful trading 1. Risk Management, 2. Risk Management, and 3. Risk Management. Among professional traders, risk management is understood to be the absolutely most fundamental element leading to successful trading. This is because with proper risk management, one can use randomly generated signals and still trade the markets successfully. This is done by limiting oneís losses while letting oneís profits run. All traders MUST learn to master this field, as it is the key hurdle responsible for 95% of traders losing all the money they invest in the market. This is THE primary shortcoming that most non-professional traders have not mastered, and explains why 95% of traders fail. Master this subject and it doesnít even matter what analysis technique you use, you will at least never lose your base capital again. Add to that systems which raise your odds from 50/50 to higher probabilities and your income increase will follow.
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T. G. Butaney
View our T. G. Butaney pages
View our T. G. Butaney pages
T. G. Butaney, a famous Indian astrologer, wrote 3 books on astrological financial market forecasting and horse racing prediction. His books were judged "The Best Money Minting Books on Speculation and Racing By Readers All Over The World", and explain Market Forecasting, Race Astrology & Numerology and Handicap Formulae.
Gannís Mass Pressure
W. D. Gannís Mass Pressure Forecasting Charts - By Daniel T. Ferrera
W. D. Gannís Mass Pressure Forecasting Charts - By Daniel T. Ferrera
W. D. Gann's Mass Pressure Forecasting Charts. By Daniel T. Ferrera. The Mass Pressure Formula is one of Gann's most guarded secrets. Mass Pressure indicates bullish and bearish trends according to Gann's Master Time Factor. These charts are based on Gann's philosophy that "the future is nothing but a repetition of the past".
Law of Vibration
The Law of Vibration Series - By Dr. Lorrie Bennett
The Law of Vibration Series - By Dr. Lorrie Bennett
The Law of Vibration 4 Volume Series by Dr. Lorrie Bennett on Gann analysis explains the scientific foundations behind W.D. Gann's forecasting system, the Law of Vibration. Dr. Bennett is the first person since Dr. Baumring to solve much of the puzzle left behind by Gann! V1-Patterns, V2-Numbers, V3-Planets, V4-Geometry.
Day Trading
Day Trading
Day Trading
Approaches to trading begin with choice of a time window. Day or intraday trading focuses on short term swings, generally not holding positions overnight. Although Gann, trading before the electroinc age, did not favor short term trading, his techniques do work on this level, since similar patterns exist on every time frame whether very small or very large.
Gann Theory
Gann Theory
Gann Theory
W.D. Gannís original work is a critical element for any Gann researcher, but many find Gannís deeper work challenging without help from well-seasoned analysts and traders. We offer valuable secondary works presenting and developing Gannís ideas: the best teachers in this field are not so much competitors, but fellow contributors to ongoing research.
Market History
Market History
Market History
The stock and commodity markets have a history stretching over millennia, from the Bible to the present day, furnishing data on sun spots, planetary changes, weather cycles, volcanoes, earthquakes, solar variances, and other influences on financial markets. Gann charted Wheat back to 65 BC and Baumring took this back to 1200 BC.
Eric Penicka: Gann Science
Eric Penicka: Gann Science
Eric Penicka: Gann Science
The author correlates Gann's exact words to the science of Gann's day to illustrate his phrase "stocks are like atoms". Offering a system of "mathematical points of force" governing the structure through which the market moves, the emerging science of Periodic Table atomic elements provides a system of order through which to forecast.
The Square
THE SQUARE: Quantitative Analysis of Financial Price Structure - By Catalin Plapcianu
THE SQUARE: Quantitative Analysis of Financial Price Structure - By Catalin Plapcianu
The Square: Quantitative Analysis Of Financial Price Structure by Catalin Plapcianu develops the science behind Gann's Squaring of Price and Time. Proves that financial markets are mathematically controlled and predictable. A deep insight into Gann and Baumring's deepest system which tracks energy through the space/time matrix.
Gann Reading List
Gann Reading List
Gann Reading List
In the 1940ís Gann published a 2-page list of about 90 Books that he stocked and sold to his students, known as "W. D. Gannís Recommended Reading List". Each book contains some component of Gannís system of knowledge essential for piecing together his system. Any one book may have one simple idea critical to Gann's perspective.
Speculation is the trading of market positions for the sole purpose to make money. It is a secondary industry from general investing in stocks or trading in commodities where individuals buy and sell with no fundamental interest in the underlying market. We publish many works using this term, like Gannís "Speculation a Profitable Profession".
Modern astronomy is a pale derivative of the true "logic of the cosmos", Astrology, the science of all-pervasive relationships between cosmos and man. Early proponents of "astronomy" were ALL students of the Astrological arts, from Ptolemy, to Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Tyco Brahe, and Newton.
The Canon
The Canon
The Canon
The Canon refers primarily to an ancient esoteric system of knowledge and cosmology encoded into temples, artifacts, art and monuments. The Egyptians had a specific Canon to lay out the grids upon which they designed their art, and there are also canons of proportion used in the Renaissance, as well as by later artists, geometers and musicians.
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